Salamandra Robotica II Robot Walking and Swimming

Salamandra robotica II walking and swimming outdoors and performing the transition from swimming to walking indoors. Video from the Ecole Polytechnique Feder…

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11 Responses to Salamandra Robotica II Robot Walking and Swimming

  1. Cory FJ Fleming says:

    You don’t get the point. Just saying.

  2. jamesparcell says:

    It looks great. I did notice that there were cuts in the outdoor transition to water, and cuts even as it comes down the beach. I find it especially interesting to see both the problems and the operation when examining a design. Was it a problem with sustained charge or did it get stuck? Well done though.

  3. MrMyKidd says:

    You have created a very interesting, and uniquely designed robot! The swimming mode is very fluid, and seems to be the most efficient method of travel. Does the design permit the joints to flex on an up, and down axis?

  4. Grimmsha72 says:

    This thing was invented……… 20 years ago………by a company called lego. Just saying.

  5. ChuckManiac says:

    That robot swan is so realistic. Amazing!

  6. VertigaDesignMEDIA says:

    A whole bunch of these should be made to clean up the natural environment.

  7. benighted2 says:

    Lagrange Pt. gunsolo

  8. benighted2 says:

    Lagrange Pt. gunsolo

  9. scrambledeastereggs says:

    whats the music playing?

  10. 388bobek says:


  11. leoleovich says:

    Походу снимали всё же лебедя)

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