Sales Conversion Mastery Seminar

Sales Conversion Mastery Seminar
Event on 2015-01-10 09:30:00

Attn: Entrepreneurs Looking To Achieve Record Breaking Sales
in 2015!


Revealed At Last! The Little-Known But Super Effective Secret To
“Crack The Sales Code” Of Your Prospects And Close
One-To-One Sales Effortlessly… Even If You’re Not A
“Natural Salesman!”


I’ve personally used this potent technique to close hundreds of clients in one-to-one sales, with a 100% success rate (Yes…100%, you read that right).
Now, I want to help you achieve the same amazing results!


�� If you’re looking to shatter your current sales ceiling, close an exorbitant amount of sales beyond your wildest dreams, and become a leader in your field, please read this message carefully… because I could have your solution.

�� If you’re not the slick and charming master salesman type, what I’m about to reveal will elevate your sales game to the next level…*snaps*… just like that! (Even if you’re uncomfortable with selling or aren’t good at it)

�� If you’re already closing a good amount of sales but you want more, pay special attention… because what you’re about to discover could increase your sales by 300% within 30 days or less, without being “salesy”!   

Hi there. My name is Raghu Reddy, a sales trainer and mentor to over a thousand entrepreneurs and sales executives.

I have over 20 years of experience in coaching and sales, and have written 2 best-selling books:

“Who Moved My Customers? – Creating Customers For Life” and

“S.M.A.S.H Method For Profits – To Out-Think, Out-Perform And Out-Earn Your Competition”

(Side note: My books are MUST-READS for all serious entrepreneurs! If you haven’t already, go grab them at your local bookstore!)

Here’s how some of my clients have benefited from my mentoring:


NISHANT KASIBATLA – The Only Grand Master Of Memory In Singapore


"As a direct result of Raghu’s coaching and training, I improved my sales by up to 400%. That is unbelievable! After Raghu’s training I changed my entire presentation to follow his exact step by step principle. Now my presentation stands out, people are eager to listen to what I have to say and more importantly they are eager to make an investment in what I offer at the end of my presentation. The conversion rate went up crazily! This is a very powerful, comprehensive and detailed program, it will change the way you present for the rest of your life!"



JEREMY HO – Job Search Essentials Expert

"As a direct result of consulting with Raghu Reddy, in just one week I was able to improve my sales up to 300%. Raghu changed the look and feel of my presentation. The step by step approach from my opening slide to the closing slides and the specific language pattern to use on the slides were mind-blowing! No matter where you are at right now, Raghu will take you to the next level."



MANOJ KUMAR – Founder of OptionPundit

"I had a very successful event and my sales went up by 250%. Just one amazing mindset strategy changed the very dynamics of my presentation. I was able to connect with the audience on a heart to heart basis. As a result I had no fear and it was mind-blowing experience for me. I could communicate on a very clear and conscience level. It resulted in massive improvement!"


Pretty impressive results, right? I’m proud to say that all my clients are committed action takers who managed to apply what I taught quickly and effectively. That’s why they get their reward in the form of explosive sales and profits.

Are you also a committed action taker? If yes, read on to find out how you too, can enjoy an exponential increase in sales… fast.

If you’re not, well… let me tell you something: the truth.


The Cold. Hard. Uncensored. Truth.

It may hurt your feelings. It may wound your pride. But it may also jolt you into much-needed action.

So… Wanna hear it? If you prefer to waddle in mediocrity and slowly see your business waste away, then I bid you adieu. There’s really no point for you to read on any more.

For those who’re willing to listen and learn, and don’t mind getting your ego bruised a little in the process (trust me, it’ll be worth it), pay attention…

Cos here we go…

Being entrepreneurs, I’m sure all of you know that sales is the lifeblood of all businesses. No sales means no profits. And no profits means you’re a dead business walking… Meant to die a slow and painful death.

Unfortunately, the brutal truth is that most entrepreneurs and business owners are simply put… terrible at sales! I’ve had students (before they attended my program) botch even the most basic and “sure close” kind of deals!

And in today’s unforgiving business landscape, where customers are become a lot more distrustful and scarce… where regulations like the PDPA are making selling tougher than ever… where your competitors are constantly innovating and fighting with you over a limited pool of prospects


You Need To Make Every Hard-Earned Lead Count!

Or you’ll be banished to business purgatory sooner rather than later. I’ve seen many businesses spend thousands of dollars on marketing efforts like SEO, social media, emails, brochures, networking etc. You could be one of them…

You get lots of precious leads. Time to convert them to paying customers. Only issue is… you can’t. Maybe you manage to close a few. But majority of them get away… forever. Never to return.

End of the day, those meagre sales you close can’t justify the marketing dollars you spend. Negative ROI. That’s bad. Very bad indeed. In the long run, no business, no matter in which industry, can survive like that.

That’s why so many businesses either remain stagnant (if they’re lucky) or go bust (that’s what usually happens). Either way, that’s probably not what you want for your business, right?

And that’s not even the worst thing. What I find really disappointing is that many business owners just accept that their selling skills are bad, or that they’re not “natural salesmen”, and are content with low conversions from their one-to-one appointments.

Many think that closing rates of 20-30% are good enough. That means out of 10 appointments, you only close 2 or 3. The remaining 7-8 are gone for good… probably going over to your competitors!  

So help me understand this…


How In The World Is That Good Enough?

Have expectations sunk so low that 20-30% closing rate is considered normal? Think of all the effort wasted in getting the leads, meeting the prospects, travelling time etc. For all that work, surely it’s logical to aim for a higher conversion rate!

Even for the ones who’re enjoying higher closing rates, say around 60-70%, you can do better. Definitely. Because here’s the truth: Even 60-70% isn’t good enough!

That is, if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to achieve great things. (Which I assume you are). So stop aiming low. Go high. Reach for the sky. Or else you’ll be ordinary, at best. Do you want to be just ordinary?

I hope not. I really do. For your sake…

So here’s what I want you to do: Aim for 100% closing rate from your one-to-one sales.

Yes, I said it. 100%. Now, you may have heard from others that it’s impossible to have 100% closing rate. Perhaps you yourself believe that’s the case.

You’re probably thinking right now: What’s Raghu smoking? How can anyone close 100% of one-to-one sales? It can’t be done!

I don’t blame you for thinking that. I’ve had many skeptics doubt me time and time again…


And Time And Time Again, I’ve Proven Them Wrong!

So before you write me off as some “snake oil salesman”, do give me a chance to tell you why you should aim for 100% closing rate. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did.

But first, I want you to imagine this: Let’s say you get conservatively, 30 leads from your website, social media, and other marketing channels per month.

What if of those 30 leads, you manage to close all of them? 100%. How much would that mean to your sales and profits? Let it sink in a little…

Alright, how did that fantasy feel? Great, I assume? Very soon, I’ll tell you how to turn that fantasy into reality. But before that, I want to tell you a story. Everyone loves stories, and I guarantee you’ll love this one!

(In case you’re wondering… yes, this story is related to my point about getting 100% closing rate).

Around 15 years ago, I used to do B2B sales, and dealt primarily with C-suites and Directors. During those formative years, I was like most of you. I thought that 100% closing rate was impossible. Now, I know that it’s nothing more than a limiting belief.  

My closing rate at the time was about 25%. 1 out of 4. May be good enough for some, especially considering that C-suites and Directors are not the easiest people to deal with. But it’s not good enough for me. Nowhere near my lofty targets.

So I worked on it. Day and night. My life revolved around sales. Breathing it. Thinking it. Immersing in it. I learned from more experienced sales gurus and entrepreneurs. I invested in myself and attended all the sales programs worth attending.

Within a few years, I improved my closing rate to 70%. Many would be happy with that. But at that point of time, I knew I could do better.  

Because like I mentioned above, even 70%, a very respectable figure for most, is not good enough. At least for me it isn’t. I want more. I need more. I wanted and needed to sell even more.

So I read. I learned. I applied. I had setbacks of course. But I learned from them and got even proficient. And finally, after 10 long years of hard work…


I Managed To Do The Impossible!

I improved my closing rate from one-to-one sales to 100%, based on a sample size of close to 150 prospects.

So if you still think it’s impossible to achieve 100% closing, STOP. I’ve proven that it can be done. So can you. Banish those limiting beliefs from your mind.

How did I do it? Let me tell you this: this 10 years of hard work wasn’t down to trial and error. I didn’t stumble onto what I know. What I did was develop a proprietary system that allows me to close sales with ease.

With this system, all it takes for me is 10-30 seconds from meeting my prospect, to effectively “crack their sales code”, and lead them down the path to closing.

In fact, you don’t even need to sell much with this system. Because after you crack their sales code, your prospects will be…


Begging To Buy From You!

I’m not kidding. It’s THAT powerful.

Without this system, you’ll probably be seen as another commodity. Because the sad truth is that even if you have the best product, best service or best testimonials, it doesn’t matter if you can’t sell.

Don’t get me wrong… those things help. But ultimately, you need more, a lot more, than that to get someone to take out his wallet and buy from you.

Remember that I mentioned customers are becoming more distrustful? That’s why you need heavier artillery to combat their increased resistance to sales.

And my system is all the ammunition you need. Don’t worry… it won’t take you 10 years like I did to learn it. I’ve managed to compress all I know into easily digestible nuggets of info.

I’ve made sure that the content is crafted in a way so all entrepreneurs will be able to get it, even those who aren’t good at sales.

Alright… I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my proprietary:

Buyers Value System

This is different from what other sales trainers are teaching. As far as I know, there’s no one else in the market, Singapore or anywhere else, that’s teaching what I’m teaching.

That’s because most of them focus on sales techniques. Don’t get me wrong…those can be useful. But they’re missing an important element that can help you crack the sales code and close 100% of your leads.

This missing element which my Buyer Value System focuses on is: Consumer Behavior.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking… it’s only consumer behavior. I probably already know it. It’s not some cool, exotic and sexy thing. Why should I bother?

Well, you’re right, in a way. It’s not cool, exotic or sexy. What it is… is it works. Period. That’s all you need. Something simple, effective and powerful.

And if you think you know consumer behavior, think again. Can you, within the first 10-30 seconds, figure out your prospects and come up with a foolproof way to close the sale? If no, then you guessed it… you don’t really understand consumer behavior…yet.

It’s not as simple as it sounds. Far from it.

But don’t worry… because at my Conversion Mastery Seminar, I’ll reveal everything you need to know to about consumer behavior and more! I promise that the takeaways you get will help you level-up your sales game instantly!

In case you’re wondering, I know plenty of sales techniques too. Imagine if you combine intimate knowledge of consumer behavior with advanced sales techniques… damn… your sales will skyrocket beyond your wildest dreams!

So when you attend my Conversion Mastery Seminar, here’s what
you’ll discover:

���How to crack the sales code of your prospects and customers, allowing you to close   sales effortlessly, even if you’re not a “natural salesperson” or you’re not good at sales. 

���The secret to achieving the magical and some-say-impossible closing rate of 100%. Imagine what that can do for your bottom-line sales and profits!

���The psychological emotional triggers you can pull to get your prospects to whip out their wallets and buy whatever you’re selling. When armed with this potent psychological weapon, you can easily see an increase in sales by at least 300% within 30 days! (And that’s being conservative!)

���Turn the tables on your prospects and customers by weaving speech patterns that can hypnotically bring out deep-seated buying desires from them… so instead of you “selling”, they’ll be begging to buy from you!

���Identify key consumer behavior patterns that affect purchase decisions, within the first 10-30 seconds of meeting your prospects, so that you can radically shorten your sales cycle and seal the deal with minimal back-and-forth negotiations. 

���How to breakdown your prospects’ natural resistance to sales, and turn even the most skeptical of prospects into your loyal customers. This is especially useful for entrepreneurs in saturated markets such as education, photography, F&B etc, as it’ll provide a purposeful differentiation from their numerous competitors.

���A time-tested way to “ethically steal” customers from your competitors, without them even knowing it! (Needless to say, your competitors would HATE for you to know this!) 

���And many more advanced, proven and potent sales insights that can help you shatter your sales ceiling!



Lisa Ng, Managing Director, Wellness Consulting

“Raghu’s Magnetic Sales Conversion Mastery – cracking the S.A.L.E  code and taking it to the bank, is a very comprehensive and step-by-step system that will change your financial destiny  forever. Within one week of Raghu’s training, I have achieved 300% increase in my sales! I am now more confident in closing every deal even though I am not a natural salesperson.”



 Jacjit Singh, Sales Manager, SA Singapore

 “After Raghu’s training, I have achieved a new record in my sales. I was able to easily close more deals and create a new sales record in my company. This is truly amazing! Thank you Raghu, your training has made a huge difference. I am now the undisputed sales leader in my company.”


Sounds good? Looking forward to attending my Conversion Mastery Seminar already? I hope so, because the irresistible offer is coming up real soon…

But before I reveal how you can sign up, I want to manage your expectations a little. This is not for those expecting a “quick-fix” to your sales problems.

Although you won’t need 10 years like I did to figure out and apply this system, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to put in the effort on your part. I’ll do my best to guide you to the oasis of sales success, but you have to do your part as well.

If you’re not willing to do that, this may not be for you. Seriously.

But if you’re willing to help me help you, and you want to work your ass off to achieve 100% closing rate, 300% increase in sales and many more benefits… listen closely.

On 10 January, I’ll be conducting my conversion mastery seminar, specially designed for entrepreneurs like you to enjoy record breaking sales!
  Saturday 10 Jan'15 – 9.30 am to 11.30 am
Wednesday 14 Jan'15 – 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm  Saturday 24 Jan'15 –  9.30 am to 11.30 am 


And the great news is you only need to make a meagre investment to learn my potent sales secrets! Seriously, this is really a no-brainer. All savvy entrepreneurs can see what a bargain this is.

The only reason why I’m conducting it as such as low entry fee is because I want to help as many as possible. A seminar like this is worth at least 7, and even that’s a steal!

I know that if I charge you that, many of you will prefer to continue waddling in mediocrity instead of taking positive action to change your business and your life. So please, for your sake, do sign up and discover this powerful sales system for yourself.

I’ve done my part by making it as affordable as possible…


Now, The Ball Is In Your Court…


This event is only limited to 50 sign ups. That’s because the venue can only accommodate that maximum capacity. My team is currently sourcing for bigger venues because we sell out almost every time. But for now, we’ll have to make do with this smaller space.

I apologize sincerely for that.

And the bad news is those who signed up for my past seminars, but didn’t get a seat because they sold out, have already reserved their seats for this one. That means that only 30+ seats remain. And I guarantee that they’ll be snapped up like hotcakes.

So if you want to grab your seat at this highly-charged, content-packed event, sign up fast. Or you’ll miss out.

And that means you’re passing up on a golden chance to skyrocket your sales. Don’t let that happen. In life and business, such opportunities don’t come along often. So seize the day. Seize the moment. Don’t let it slip away…

It’s time to get onboard the bandwagon to long term sales success. Will you join me? Or will you be left kicking your heels at the kerb? It’s your choice… make the right one.

I hope to see you soon!

To Your Sales Success,

Raghu Reddy, Sales Trainer and Mentor


P.S. Here’re the event details again: Saturday 10 Jan'15 – 9.30 am to 11.30 am
Wednesday 14 Jan'15 – 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm  Saturday 24 Jan'15 –  9.30 am to 11.30 am 

Seats are at each, and are limited to 50 attendees per session, because of venue constraints. And some have already been reserved, so only 30+ seats are left. So if you want to grab yours, better act fast before they’re all gone! 

You really can’t get better value anywhere out there… especially when what you learn can potentially help you to achieve the magical 100% closing rate, at least 300% increase in sales, and many more benefits.

So if for whatever reason you’re still hesitating, I really don’t know why. Because all savvy entrepreneurs can see what an amazing deal this is.

Once again, let me remind you to sign up FAST (meaning now), or you’ll be this opportunity of a lifetime.

I’ll see you soon!



at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
11 Cavenagh Road
, Singapore

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