Salling and Tate General Dentistry — New Website Design

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) June 14, 2013

Salling and Tate has totally revamped the design of their website. It’s much easier to navigate, much more pleasing to the eye and what’s even better, it now reflects their professional and friendly dentistry. Visit Salling and Tate to see their new web design from BlueTone Media.

Their old website design was not user friendly at all and what’s worse, it was hard to find when searching for a Dentistry in Wilmington, North Carolina. That surely held them back from gaining more clients and helping others with their dentistry needs. Thanks to BlueTone Media their fresh new web design is sure to gain more clients. This web design company also helped with Search Engine Optimization for optimum search engine ranking– another great feature to help their business grow!

Now that the website reflects their company, Salling and Tate are confident that it will gain and hold the attention of anyone seeking a General Dentistry in their area. As inviting and friendly as their staff is, they needed a web design that matched those exact qualities. They even have new features that add to their new website’s ease of use. For example, they’ve added a convenient appointment form to their home page so the viewer doesn’t have to navigate around the website to schedule an appointment anymore. It’s also now easier to find links to their social media accounts such as on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

On their previous website design, they had two navigation bars, making it very confusing for the user to find what they were looking for. BlueTone Media has condensed these for Salling and Tate on their new web design into one navigation bar, making it much easier to locate and use. They also had their membership and provider companies added to their homepage so customers will know just how certified they are and in turn feel much more comfortable having them as their preferred dentistry.


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