Salonica: an ode to humanity on 57th Street

Salonica: an ode to humanity on 57th Street
I never saw anyone eating pizza inside, and there was no mention of it on the menu. But every time I walked past Salonica the sign … Before 11 o'clock on weekday mornings, one can order from a special menu, which features otherwise unadvertised …
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Pencil This In: A Zombie Lecture, Giant Robot Biennale 3 Closing Party and
Giant Robot and the JANM Young Professional Network hold the closing party for Giant Robot Biennale 3 tonight from 6-10 pm. The show, which runs through Jan. 20, features a gallery of eight emerging artists along with a customized vinyl figure collection.
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What We Thought the Year 2001 Would Look Like Back in 1967
One episode that aired on March 12, 1967 showed off what a home would look like in 2001: 3D TV, videophones, some gigantic machine that sounds a lot like Twitter, robot servants and more. Smithsonian Mag got a hold of the episode that predicted what …
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