Samsung Galaxy S4 Event Flash Mob in New York 13/03/2013

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15 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S4 Event Flash Mob in New York 13/03/2013

  1. KIOPLLOVE says:

    we posting your video on KIOPL facebook channel!

  2. JohnWang547 says:


  3. KungFUcat10 says:

    I agree Iphone is going down market and i am sure Samsung is better, this “flash Mob” was just a street entertainer,

  4. Kristoffer B says:

    0:15 That awkward moment when everybody is filming with an iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rasuke11 says:

    @gmytime Best post ever! Completely agree.

  6. koolandyounowit says:

    recorded with an iPhone

  7. s27945 says:

    田 馥 甄

  8. edjk00 says:

    Lol puss in boots clapping

  9. bakudaistrife says:

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  10. Tony Le says:

    no, this is marketing ;))

  11. stan6458 says:

    Doesn’t your finger pain typing??

  12. theWingless553 says:

    The comment section is worth my popcorn. *munch munch*

  13. thesoundyouneed1 says:

    now my dream team will be my actual iphone 5, which I love for the product it is. I do love iOS, and if i wasn’t kind of a nerd, just an iphone would be fine for me. I think with the time i really got to understand what and how a good software can be. And i’ll buy my One X for the product itself too, but also for what i’ll be able to do with it. Nerd way. But the iPhone stays for me the best smartphone on the market right now. Maybe if the one X had stock android and a better camera..

  14. thesoundyouneed1 says:

    In my opinion if the One X is so beautiful, it’s because they got inspired, in a good way of the word, by apple. Not copying at all ! Just understanding a new language of design. Like apple got inspired by other companies for them. and that has nothing to do with copying. like samsung did with most of their phones. since they stopped, they made the ugliest phone on the market.

  15. thesoundyouneed1 says:

    While i’m glad you agree with me, i’m sorry I don’t agree with you on the last part. While samsung fanboys are obviously just blind, I don’t think it’s the same with apple. They have reasons to be fanboys. Apple made them, made us dream. Made us discover new technologies, new possibilities. Sadly, some fans are fans for the wrong reasons. The Hype. I may be a weird combo but i’m an apple fan, and a sony fan (not for their product, but for their history and philosophy), and an htc fan.

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