Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition Hands on Review

Hands on Review / First Look of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. Hands on with Android 4.3 on Galaxy S4: Stay Sexy! Subscribe and …

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23 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition Hands on Review

  1. xMandalorex says:

    Hang on a min… why would you need to ‘ROOT your phone if your running STOCK ? am i missing something here

  2. Roboburrr says:

    check out app: Perfect launcher, it is perfect for stock 4.3 ! it adds extra functionality and customization but keeping it simple and clean

  3. MrLegend103 says:

    I used to use CWM but now I mainly use TWRP.

  4. Gaea11 says:

    One last question – which recovery do you prefer? Clockwork or TWRP?

  5. Gaea11 says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply, MrLegend103, that’s what I figured but wanted to be certain. You have yourself a new subscriber. :)

  6. MrLegend103 says:

    using your custom recovery there should be a back up option there like with TWRp or CWM. or if anything you can always flash your stock though odin if there was a really big problem.

  7. Gaea11 says:

    Hi. :) I was thinking about getting th S4 from a carrier and immediately root it with the Google Play Edition rom, but before doing so, I was wondering if it was possible to first backup the stock kernel just in case an issue were to arise. If so, could you please tell me what steps I’d have to take to do so? Thanks in advance.

  8. bestk62 says:

    can i use nfc or wifi shareing …. and work with gt 19500 and did support arabic language

  9. MrLegend103 says:

    yeah i was receiving 4G LTE, when you have LTE it just reads that. “LTE”

  10. Mastergremio2007 says:

    Does it support 4G LTE 1700/2100 Mhz band also called AWS right?

  11. MrLegend103 says:

    not sure but i still don’t think so. Basicly you can do what the Nexus 4 does

  12. Mark Buikema says:

    Can you still hover your finger?

  13. MrLegend103 says:

    Im not sure how to, I only had root cause I had TWRP recovery and it roots it on it own when I boot from recovery to system.

  14. jrodsep says:

    @MrLegend103 Can you post a video on how to root the Galaxy S4 GPe? Thanks.

  15. MrLegend103 says:

    requires custom recovery and theres a leaked rom on the web. just flash it over your stock rom

  16. Jay Lee says:

    i like that edition. how can you change it to google editions?

  17. jcmjimmie says:

    Hey man thanks for the review you did a great job. Question for you, I notice that your using a tmobile sim. How are your data speeds? If you do a speed test video let me know. I’d like to see how this phone does on tmo’s network.

  18. MrLegend103 says:

    it has the ability but it didn’t have any of the apps cause its stock.

  19. Adnan Nahian says:

    does it have air view and all other smart features?

  20. Clopin Lacroix says:

    Does it have a text editor?

  21. PaulDerSack says:

    Its like my nexus4

  22. MrLegend103 says:

    yup I think the new maps for xbox came out.

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