Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5: in-depth Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5: in-depth Review

Galaxy S4 versus iPhone 5: an in-depth Review! Which is better, Apple’s iPhone 5 or Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone? Find o…

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13 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5: in-depth Review

  1. MrSammyesparza says:

    I personally think both devices are incredible, the S4 and I5 are sure making my s2 feel dated.

  2. Edward Loo says:

    gamer (still many games) = iphone 5 (HDMI tv out + bluetooth joystick) play customization roms, do misc stuff = s4 (USB keyboard + mouse ) Peace =)

  3. pakcoipb says:

    retina is shit

  4. extremetoxin says:

    What’s the name of the notification center tweak at 10:48

  5. daniel torriani says:

    Galaxy S4 very big =S

  6. Howtragicforyou says:

    ok i guess that’s two reasons.

  7. Howtragicforyou says:

    i am getting an iphone for one reason only. my cousin works at a phone company and i can get a good deal. Also i have a ton of doctor who episodes on itunes im putting on the iphone

  8. RageQuitRed says:

    The speed on the iPhone 5 wins again!

  9. sandy martinez says:

    Can you jail break Both ?!

  10. Doug L says:

    You can actually disable Google voice which is activated by pressing the home button twice, by doing this it gets rid of that slight lag when you press the home button.

  11. Doug L says:

    That’s not what she said

  12. Abraham Sanchez says:

    hey true well im still looking for an iphone and are you selling yours if you are send me a message on my email thank you :)

  13. donniewins says:

    Getting my sgs4.. bye iphone was fun while it lasted but youre getting kinda lame now.

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