San Diego-Based Digital Marketing Agency, Main Path Marketing, Announces Rebrand

Yesterday marked the rebrand of San Diego-based digital marketing agency, BRIM Agency, with a new company name, Main Path Marketing.

We have always focused on creating targeted, data-driven campaigns to ensure our marketing efforts stay aligned with the clients end goal, reports Matt Walker, CEO of Main Path Marketing, We are excited to finally have a name (and a website) that encompasses our unique strategy and vision.

Main Path Marketing launched their new website (, which features descriptions of their services, client case studies, an established blog, and more. Main Path works with clients to create marketing campaigns that can include a combination of original content, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, email, Pay Per Click (PPC), distribution and outreach, and reporting and analytics.

Main Path has a team of specialists dedicated to each of their service areas, as well as an executive team that has over 100 combined years of business and marketing experience. The agency uses a multi-channel digital marketing approach to create well-rounded and effective campaigns for their clients.

Over the years we have placed a significant emphasis on data collection, which we have used to create processes that consistently drive positive results for our clients, states Matt, Our job, and primary focus, is to keep digital marketing campaigns on the Main Path to success.

About Main Path Marketing

Main Path Marketing is a San Diego-based digital marketing agency thats committed to building and implementing successful strategic campaigns for their clients. Our strategies offer a multi-channel approach made possible by the interconnectivity of our marketing team. We create campaigns that yield results, and we ensure that those results align with our clients business goals. For more information, contact Main Path Marketing at (858) 427-0825.

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