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Give Us A Call Today For A FREE Consultation 619-565-1677 Are you behind in times as far as Marketing goes? Do you still think Yellow Pages is getting you business? Well if so then I hate to say it but You Need My Help. My name is John Rodgers and I’m a Local Business Marketing Consultant. I help local businesses make more money by getting them More Clients or Customers using The Internet. Now I know what your thinking….Oh know not another one of those Guys. Well before you write me off as another one of those guys let me tell you more about myself. For the past year and a half I’ve been doing Internet Marketing and driving traffic to websites like Macy’s, Amazon, and other Big companies I really don’t care to name. You see these companies have affiliate programs and pay people a certain percentage of money to you if someone buys through your link. These companies expect their affiliates to drive lots of customers to their website by any means necessary! I had to learn how to compete with the entire world, and get to the #1 spot in Google competing against millions. While I was bragging to friends showing them all the #1 rankings that were making me money, a friend had said…. Hey you know I have a contracting company, would you be build me a site and rank it to #1 in Google? I laughed and said Of Course then proceeded to tell him I normally compete against millions of other people in the world and that getting his website to #1 would be a lot easier since I would only

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  15. John Rodgers says:

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