SantagatoTV! – The Internet Is Weird

SantagatoTV! - The Internet Is Weird

MERCH!!: Bookings/Business: Facebook: PO Box Address: Joseph Santagato 3811 Ditmars Blvd #736 Astoria, NY 11105 Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: @joesantagato
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to SantagatoTV! – The Internet Is Weird

  1. wolfy0212 says:

    You need to post a video again! :(

  2. lovatic0432 says:

    ahaha ur so funny i love u joe

  3. Kierstin Sliwa says:

    Wish I loved close enough to actually meet u :/ p.s ur really good looking haha

  4. chillydeadpool says:

    hey guys, check out my channel(: I’m a young self-taught artist

  5. terry santiago says:

    Shout out to Chris discovering shit LMAO

  6. septimiu demeter says:


  7. Khalil richardson says:

    this vid is so true!

  8. clothingandfreedom says:

    jerk off with sandpaper? lmfao

  9. Iamkingjulian822 says:

    support my new hs blog/ feed iamkingjulian822 check me out yall

  10. FOB182Girl says:


  11. iceprincezze says:

    Yes!!! Power trip for the music!!!

  12. ILoveTupac Shakur says:

    Im not sure,I just know he’s sick right now

  13. Eddie Bermudez says:

    Where the fuck is the new video

  14. njrep08 says:


  15. JJ anderson says:

    I was laughing so fucking much.XD

  16. vbaime2 says:


  17. MsBre7 says:

    You’re sexy.

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