Save $100 on Social Media Marketing Training in Los Angeles

Save 0 on Social Media Marketing Training in Los Angeles
Event on 2015-05-06 09:30:00
Social Media Marketing | Level 1


Gain the power to shape consumer conversations and amplify word-of-mouth chatter.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Blogs….
these social platforms are doing more than driving buzz – they are driving traffic and empowering companies.

This course will cover the basics of social media marketing,
explore techniques for employing social media as a marketing tool.
Whether you're a filmmaker, business owner, non-profit, musician or writer,
this 2-day class will help you design and implement a social media strategy.

Design a Facebook landing page, learn about sharing, inviting, events, marketing ads, and increasing likes.

Create a YouTube channel, with branded channel art,
earn how to set up your acount to share videos on other sites,
and social media platforms.

Get up and running on Twitter, learn about Hahstags, Twitter for Business, and learn tools to get followers.

Integrate with Google Plus, develop your brand, learn about Google Hangouts/Live Streaming,
and linking to YouTube for instant updates, SEO, and saving recorded hangouts.

Learn how LinkedIn can be used for business, how to increase your network, and posting free ads.

.. and learn how to update them all together to promote your business.
Lets get them to like you, subscribe, become a fan, to follow, to link,
and have your friends tell their friends and their friends tell their friends and so on, and so on,
and so on …..

Social Media Marketing is a cheap solution to a broad audience! Gain the competive edge!

headTrix offers Certified Social Media Marketing classes in Los Angeles
Live Online Social Media Marketing Training and Onsite Social Media Marketing training nationwide.

at headTrix Training
3110 Main Street
Santa Monica, United States

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