SB.TV F64 – Bashy – F64 [S1.EP43]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to SB.TV F64 – Bashy – F64 [S1.EP43]

  1. AadamOkonma Shaw says:

    Why am I even hair, No Ginger!

  2. Gijs Luchtenberg says:


  3. RizlaFlip says:

    i remember when this first got uploaded, still listening to it now

  4. FazeReaper says:


  5. qzegqzembgzenqmgbhze says:

    wheres that durrty goodz f64

  6. badderman1 says:

    3 years already.. farkin ell time flys

  7. SimplyGreazyRecords says:

    your a knob

  8. zkrynnn says:

    Young Jeezy ft Jay Z - Go Crazy

  9. Bwoii786 says:

    that jackets mad what make is it o.O

  10. icecoldcola08 says:


  11. ShinobiManDem says:

    terrible, fractured and yet famous? twisting grammer to flow aint flow, true mastery is controll over the language as it is. real heads know

  12. TooStaticForYou says:

    theres something odd about bashys voice :/

  13. TheMickeyBlu says:

    What’s the instrumental please?

  14. KingConnor95 says:

    man’s gassed

  15. MuzzaCFC67 says:

    “i got fans in Scotland, Aberdeen” ahahaha

  16. byRiftt says:

    yhyh just pure f64s and warm ups

  17. Jonny Doe says:

    its not no pop interviews and moist bullshit though

  18. byRiftt says:

    Terminator tho

  19. Jonny Doe says:

    when sbtv was good

  20. xConzify says:

    camel went in!

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