Scanning Electron Microscope

A clip for the Acme School of Stuff “Acme Shorts” with David Stringer on how a scanning electron microscope works.
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  1. TechnoStickmen says:

    2:54 DoomII map iddt lol

  2. robert4949 says:

    not really, it’s mainly to avoid build up of charge on the sample. If charge built up then it would repel the electron beam and you’d lose the detail in the image.

  3. jayejayeee says:

    interesting video and very informative

  4. aspire080 says:

    good 1 it saved my time

  5. miki4630201 says:

    This sounds like a photocathode of an x ray fluoro tower!

  6. godrocksmyshoes says:

    what is a major discovery in science that was discovered using a scanning electron microscope?

  7. Pandapie100 says:

    Why did they say you need a TEM to take those pictures when those pictures were SEM pictures???????????? :( that was disappointing to see.

  8. Quốc Hưng Huỳnh says:

    Really helpful! Thanks!

  9. RawrSquidTacular says:

    “If you think thats disdusting, these are its mouth parts.” lol, mouth parts.

  10. MonCoin says:

    The coating is to make the sample conductive. Some samples are not, and the result might be that you build up a charge on it, where the electron beam hits, and you will burn a hole. Therefore a coating.

  11. hgfuhgvg says:

    The disadvantage is that you will see things (such as the organizm here) that may give you nightmares.

  12. doralover10 says:

    i like the part which shows how the signals were turned into an image!

  13. 1001011001001010011 says:

    One possible way is by placing the specimen in a vacuum chamber and boiling the gold, which condenses on the specimen. Here’s an excellent video demonstrating this:

  14. AgentDexter47 says:

    how do you gold plate a dog flee?

  15. clarkejones31290 says:

    i was told to make it conductive

  16. thomnasalvaedison24 says:

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  17. udayrabi says:

    to conduct the gathered electrons on the surface of the sample to the ground.

  18. acmeschool says:

    The metal coating is required to reflect the electron beam.

  19. ahmadassem says:

    why it is coated with metal

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