SCIENCE OF STORY SELLING: Master the Science of Story Telling to Build Trust and Open Wallets

SCIENCE OF STORY SELLING: Master the Science of Story Telling to Build Trust and Open Wallets
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Story Science:

How to Master the Science of Story Telling to Build Trust and Open Wallets.

Are you a trainer, emerging speaker, facilitator or Coach?

Have you ever found yourself facing an audience that is distracted and not responding to your questions? Perhaps, some looking out the window or playing with their cell phones while you are talking. It is a lonely place. I 've been there!

Earlier in my career, I was desperate to change this situation. Along the way, I have spent thousands of dollars learning various areas of speaking: humor, game design, improvisation, drama and you name it, I have done it.


Looking back, I can say with absolute certainty that nothing comes close to storytelling. Audience after audience, I 've seen my ratings go up. At several events I get ranked at the top, even at conferences with Ivy-League educated speakers.

So what has been my game changer? Without doubt, it has been "STORYTELLING." I have analyzed feedback from over 10 years of my career as a trainer and speaker in Singapore, USA and 17 countries worldwide.


For less than the cost of your monthly cell phone bill, you can terminate that loneliness on stage for forever! You need to beef up your Storytelling Skills.


Storytelling is the #1 Way to Connnect with your Audience to Win Hearts and Minds for Profit. When there is No Connection, there is No Communication and hence No Persuassion That Leads to Profit.


Great storytelling determines who gets better ratings, more income, stadning ovations and free travel to exotic destinations.


Can you confidently say you are a great storyteller? If not, are you waiting for your careert to tank before you pick up the pieces?


It all comes down to your ability to connect with your audience. Your ratings are a reflection of how well your stories resonate with your audiences.


You deserve to know the secrets of captivating storytelling to sell and earn more. This allows you to live life on your terms. To connect deeper, highly successful presenters use storytelling as an asset to win hearts and minds. Are you winning hearts and minds with your stories? 

If you are willing to earn more, you must be willing to learn more.


Full Day Workshop: Here's just a glimpse of what I can share with you. 


  • Anatomy of a compelling business story. What makes an irresistible story?


  • 4 Core elements of story science that can make or break your ability to connect with story.



  • 3 Ways of drawing your audience into your message and delivering an emotionally engaing point.


  • The 4 biggest mistakes trainers, speakers and coaches make with storytelling … and how to avoid these common pitfalls.


  • How to use Magnetic stories to grab attention from the start of a presentation. (This can make or break your ratings)


  • A powerful step-by-step exercise for fine-tuning your signature story. (This alone can dramatically boost your earning power and save you over 3 years of wasted effort and frustration.)


  • 4 scientifically proven techques to win the hearts and minds of your audience. It works like crazy! (95% of story telling coaches worldwide don't even mention this)

  • Types of stories trainers, speakers and regular presenters must use have to quickly engage attention deficit audiences.

  • The 5G Storytelling Roadmap that guides you can to craft a compelling story even with limited time.

  • Story Lab – You get to present your story and get feedback and coaching. – I wil pass the wisdom of world class coaches that have coached me for over 10 years.


  • One type of story you can use to up-sell without sounding like a sales hound


  • The STORY DNA METHOD and how to connection emmotionally like a Hollywood actor


1. How to create an impressive signature story within 14 days. Online video support and 2 phone calls included. Use it to electrify your audiences, worth .00. Give no apologies for your awesomeness!

2. Supercharge your Lead Generation with Dynamic Storytelling e-book – use this for daily Facebook engagement, worth .00


3. Storytelling Secrets of Highly Successful Businesses – and how you can apply this to your business. This programme alone is worth .00


What Others Are Saying About My 

Gideon ’s ability to simplify storytelling is stunning. He combines story telling with empowerment. His message not only informs, but inspires. I think his style and approach deserves far more recognition. 

Richard Giam 

Singapore Management University


Your message challenged and inspired me profoundly. It got me thinking. Here comes someone who can really teach what many only ramble about.

Xiu Fen Lee, Ms.

Economic Development Board


Using what I learned from Gideon, I was able to improve the structure of my orientation programme. I was very pleasantly surprised how my audience listened intently. Mr Gideon is a sincere gentleman and I thank him. 

TTC Darin

Tuition Center Owner


Storytelling is my secret weapon in my Facebook postings. I try to be authentic, vulnerable, and to share fragments of my story. I believe my message resonates with the readers. That's why I follow Gideon ’s storytelling work with keen interest. 

Sam Choo, 

Internet Marketer, Singapore


Gideon is by far the most captivating, engaging and mesmerizing story expert I have known. He knows how to analyze, synthesize and wrap a compelling story around a concept. As the Story Warrior in my reality game, The Awakening of Heroes, I have adopted many of his narrative ideas and strategies.

Anm Pek 

Author of The Secret Code, Founder of Storieszing


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