Scott County Minnesota Short Sale Agent Kris Lindahl Releases A Short Sale Video Series

Scott County, MN. (PRWEB) November 10, 2012

Kris Lindahl, a top Scott County Minnesota short sale agent, has been creating and releasing a Short Sale Video series about how the different banks and lenders handle the short sale process. There are 10 videos that Kris Lindahl has released in the Short Sale Video series so far.

Kris Lindahl understands that the world has changed, and the old ways of reaching people with information are not as effective as using the technology that is available. Because people are using technology to find the information they are looking for, I have spent months creating websites, eBooks, and videos so it would be easy for people to get the short sale information they need to see if the short sale process is a viable option, Kris Lindahl explains.

There are people from all over the world looking for properties to invest in, so when people list their homes with me they can feel assured foreign investors have a greater chance of finding their property, because I list them on my websites that rank at the top of Google, the #1 Edina Realty short sale agent Kris Lindahl says. In the past, foreign investors would have a more difficult time finding properties to invest in, that were in different parts of the world, Kris Lindahl explains.

The 10 videos that Kris Lindahl has released so far include the following:

HAFA Short Sale Process

Bank of America Short Sale Process

2007 Mortgage Debt Relief Act

Chase Short Sale Process

Freddie Mac Short Sale Video

Wells Fargo Short Sale Process

Fannie Mae Short Sale Process

Tips for Selecting a Short Sale Agent

Kris Lindahl Gets Short Sale Loans Approved in Record Time

Kris Lindahl Specializes in Bringing Real Estate and Technology Together

I also wrote an eBook to help people with the short sale process, the Homeowners Guide To Short Sales which can be downloaded at the website, Kris Lindahl explains. I created a national short sale calculator website so that people across the country can figure their short sale eligibility on their own, Kris Lindahl says.

Call the experienced Scott County Minnesota short sale agent Kris Lindahl at the new national short sale hotline (877) 371-1733 for short sale information.

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