Scrap Metal Recycler A & R Metal Recycling Pleased to Announce Buying Scrap Metal Nationwide

(PRWEB) August 30, 2013

A & R Scrap Metal Buyers Company, a premier scrap metal buyer in Texas for the past two decades, today announced it is buying scrap metal nationwide. Expanding beyond Texas into the U.S. market will give consumers a better choice for recycling and top dollar for their scrap metal.

We are pleased to offer our services to the entire United States. As the premier recycler in the state of Texas for the past two decades, we have prided ourselves on meeting the highest expectations of our customers, meeting ethical environmental standards, and offering competitive scrap metal prices, said Mike Evens, an A & R representative.

Scrap metal recycling companies offer sustainable solutions for the environment, while also putting cash into the customers pocket. As an eco-friendly company, A & R surpasses the simple solution of keeping metals from being tossed into landfills. Their processing standards are also the highest in the industry, which minimizes the equally harmful affects on the environment.

Those who are familiar with metalsconstruction companies, electricians, and plumbersknow the benefits of recycling scrap metal for their business. But many homeowners and regular folks can just as easily recycle metal for top dollar at A & R. Learning about the type of metals often recycled can encourage recycling efforts.

The newly designed website makes this easy. Customers can find boxed-image listings of each metaland scrap metal equipmentthrough the access tab, What We Buy, at the top of the website. Clicking on each will give a detailed description of the type of metal that can be bought.

Customers can drop off metal or inquire for pickup. Those in faraway locations dont have to worry about shipping their metal. A & R will pick up sellable scrap metal and pay for it before leaving. We do it allpick up, sort, weigh, and drop off, which means no hassle for our customers, said Evens.

A & R Metal Recycling is the logical choice for all. Whether selling scrap metal or buying premium processed metal from A & R, customers will find an easy and hassle-free solution for all of their scrap metal needs.

About A & R Scrap Metal Buyers Company

A leading scrap metal recycler in Texas, A & R Scrap Metal Buyers Company has been offering customers top dollar for scrap metal and selling premium-processed metal products for the past two decades. An eco-friendly company, they reduce the amount of harm on the environment through their eco-processing efforts and reducing the amount of metal in landfills. To buy or sell, go to:


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