Screwin’ Around with ROBOTS!

Screwin' Around with ROBOTS!

This week’s episode is dedicated to our mechanical friends and some amazing classic robot games.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 thoughts on “Screwin’ Around with ROBOTS!

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  2. really gonna whine about the ending? in a fair fight, i think that end was right, and they did a good job explaining their decision. This is coming from someone that has never been a bid fan of DC

  3. Not going to lie the video was pretty awesome . P.S. Superman destroy the f****** planet and the human race and this is for all the fanboys of Goku could have won that fight if circumstances were different so technically you guys kinda screwed Goku. This is my opinion . I love DC heroes but it’s circumstances were different Goku would have 50 percent chance of winning.

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