Screwin’ Around with ROBOTS!

Screwin' Around with ROBOTS!

This week’s episode is dedicated to our mechanical friends and some amazing classic robot games.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to Screwin’ Around with ROBOTS!

  1. reddiver1234 says:

    1st of all, spoiler. 2nd of all there was a very good explanation for why Superman won. I’m a Goku fan and I rooted for Goku the entire fight, but stupid fanboys like you just won’t allow your favourite character to lose. Grow up.

  2. Otaku Nether says:

    Superman win that’s bullshit

  3. Bloxxer42 says:

    Misleading thumbnail.

  4. spiderzero2099 says:

    I know I was just messing with people

  5. NetterMann3 says:

    i cant stop thinking about how great this video was if jared was around

  6. Preddi Kurenai says:

    although I like gundam I feel the thumbnail led me here under false pretenses

  7. pointynives says:

    really gonna whine about the ending? in a fair fight, i think that end was right, and they did a good job explaining their decision. This is coming from someone that has never been a bid fan of DC

  8. alastorfighter says:

    also they need gundam extreme vs

  9. alastorfighter says:

    imagine if they saw bigzam and spycho gundam

  10. Super D D Super says:

    Lol wanna play with my drck

  11. retsaf1 says:

    Thank you.

  12. UltimateKing011 says:

    enter the dragon i think it was…watch that shit lol

  13. shockwave1539 says:

    next idea with death battle, transformers prime optimus prime vs megatron, not the upcoming beast hunters seires but the transformers prime line only

  14. Dmac56ko says:

    So let me know what you think of the commet? I’m not speaking of a nerd I’m speaking as a strategist in Fighting styles.

  15. Dmac56ko says:

    Not going to lie the video was pretty awesome . P.S. Superman destroy the f****** planet and the human race and this is for all the fanboys of Goku could have won that fight if circumstances were different so technically you guys kinda screwed Goku. This is my opinion . I love DC heroes but it’s circumstances were different Goku would have 50 percent chance of winning.

  16. Dmac56ko says:

    To finished the fight solo it will be A 50/50 chance . On both side to win.

  17. Dmac56ko says:

    Hey ScrewAttack can Superman have round two with Goku spirit because Goku is known to fight without a body? To think about it technically Superman didn’t kill Goku but Superman is a strongest in power wise . In skill wise in close combat or hand to hand combat goku win. In if you guys happen to we do the battle when no arsenal from Goku and Superman but Goku is still go supersaiyan 1-4 . The fight would have last to night time but in the the fight will be a fist fight with martial arts skill.

  18. TurkBacon says:

    Hater..? I thought I was being the neutral party here…

  19. herocko says:

    Goku lost.

  20. mrmewtwokid says:

    Hey listeen Hey lsiten HEy listen Hey Listen Hey listen SHUT UP HATAH

  21. TheAshogo says:

    how is that possible, chuck norris eats suns as snacks, he can destroy the entire univers with just moving a finger, and if he just thinks to fight mr. T, the entire UNIVERSES will explode and that battle would keep going FOREVER!!!!!!!!! and bruce lee don’t.

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