Search Due Diligence – Using SEO to gain traction and define your brand.

Search Due Diligence – Using SEO to gain traction and define your brand.
Event on 2014-12-04 08:30:00

The technology behind SEO isn’t simple and if you’re in need of a lesson you’ll be pleased to hear that industry leaders Branded3 have agreed to share their knowledge and enlighten us all. As experts in the SEO sector they have also agreed to share their insight by demonstrating the power of SEO and the transformative effect it can have on a marketing campaign.

The event is concerned with all things search related and James Murray from Microsoft will explore the technology that goes into Bing search. Further talks from brands in the retail and travel industries will share case studies and experiences with SEO

It is increasingly the case that brands are looking to SEO to ensure the correct visibility in the marketplace. SEO can secure that your brand’s virtual real estate is housed in a prime virtual location.

Visibility is key in the online world so register now to and ensure that you can attend this event.


Topics of discussion

  • The cost of invisibility – content is useless if nobody sees it
  • How to become and stay visible in 2015
  • How search works well with other media, getting smart with SEO, how SEO can use social media to increase its effectiveness
  • The price of visibility – benchmarking standards in search marketing
  • How much should my brand be investing to achieve its objectives?
  • Branded3 examples of brands who have created effective digital marketing strategies.
  • The right brand for the right audience. Using technology to be efficient.
  • Measuring performance – How SEO can help to define your brand
  • How SEO can transform a brands digital marketing fortunes
  • Can SEO go wrong?



08.30 Registration and breakfast

09.10 Welcome by Damian Ryan, author of “Understanding Digital Marketing” and chairman of GADM

09.20 James Murray @ Microsoft –Hide and Seek //
James will talk about how brands can use the power of SEO in Bing to improve their business

We will learn how search works and what it means for digital presence. He will also talk about Cortana which is the future of Bing search  CONFIRMED

09.40 Branded3 – Finders KeepersUsing SEO to Find and keep your customer //

Industry leaders and experts Branded3 will reveal the incredible scale and power of SEO and the impact it can have on businesses of all sizes. They will demonstrate the cost to benefit ratio and explore what happens if you don’t do search properly.

10.05 He who shouts the loudest will always be heard //
It’s no use in creating an incredible website with the most creative campaigns if nobody ever views it. Industry experts will discuss how important it is to be seen and how SEO can help to define your brand and stay relevant online.

10.20 Now you see me //
Now that you’re seen, how do you use your visibility to increase the effectiveness of your marketing?

An insider from a large retail brand will reveal how to transform visibility into effective marketing.

10.35 SEO : Doing it well  //  
Where should SEO fit into your digital marketing campaign? //

10:50 Panel Discussion and Q&A: moderated by Damian Ryan




This is an exclusive event for GADM members and industry VIPs

at Charlotte Street Hotel Screening Room
15-17 Charlotte Street
The West End, United Kingdom

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