Search Eccentric Offering Exclusive Penguin Update Recovery Service For Clients This Month

(PRWEB) April 15, 2013

Leading Indian SEO company, Search Eccentric, has come up with offers of exclusive penguin recovery service and is offering it to the clients worldwide. The company has added one exclusive page in the site for this purpose only.

This offer is mainly growing in importance as Google has recently come up with a Penguin update and depending on the criteria set by Google, many rankings have been altered. After the update, some sites have fallen drastically while some new sites have come up. Although Google has kept the update and the algorithm super secret, according to the SEO experts at Search Eccentric, the sites which are having low quality backlink are mostly affected. The company also claimed that there have been some reports of innocent casualties which means, sites have gone down without having a valid or solid reason behind that.

Search Eccentric is offering the combined service of assessment, troubleshooting and repairing the sites which means the company will be assessing the penalty received by the sites due to the Penguin update; troubleshooting which means the company will find out the harmful links singularly; and finally repairing, which means the company will be taking the steps to remove the effects of those links.

Head of SEO at Search Eccentric, Mr Faisal Kaleem confirmed the news and said, Penguin update has hurt many sites and we are pretty sure there have been innocent victims. There are also companies who have been victims of negative SEO done against them while some companies fell in ranking due to ignorance and unawareness. We are offering Penguin recovery services to all, irrespective of their particular case.

When asked about the confidence the company displays, Faisal Kaleem said, We are confident because the ranking of our own brand, Search Eccentric, is a proof that we can handle and recover from the Penguin update. Even after the infamous update, our ranking didnt fluctuate.

Search Eccentric has seen enough fame as a leading SEO company since the inception and continues to grow at a very fast rate. The company is presently offering SEO, internet marketing, online reputation management, social media optimization among other services. The company has displayed an exponential growth rate and is maintaining the speed currently. Having a fair share of overseas clients especially from the countries like the USA, the UK and Australia, the company also banks its success on the huge number of domestic clients. The company has earned a niche reputation of being a test bed of ideas and innovative thinking. Under the leadership of Vibhu Satpaul, a founding member and also the present Business head & CTO, the company has shown needed potential to emerge as a world class SEO player.

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