Search Engine Marketing Webinar: The basics of SEO, SEM, and Getting Found Online In this webinar 1&1 Internet’s Aaron Nye and Ryan Hayes explain how you can use Search Engine Marketing to help grow your business. Google has become a multi-billion dollar company on the success of search engine marketing. Now it’s time for you to put this powerful tool to use for your business. In this presentation we will cover Basic overview of search engine marketing How to use pay-per-click marketing to drive more traffic to your website Best practices to help increase your return on investment Tips for writing good ad copy Download the slides from SlideShare: * Recorded live on August 11, 2011. Register & view the schedule for upcoming webinars on
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16 thoughts on “Search Engine Marketing Webinar: The basics of SEO, SEM, and Getting Found Online

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  3. My recent experience has been seeing a drop in rankings of my authoritative sites that I have knowledge in and value to offer. But for my little niche sites that I know nothing about I’m seeing consistant and even higehr rankings. Google is not doing well lately.

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  7. I would love to do seo marketing to get more traffic and customers. But i need to get listed first. Still waiting.. My 10 weeks is around the middle of june. I submitted another site to google yesterday, and i did articles and submitted it last week.

  8. I’m sorry, I don’t have details about how long it took. But, as I mentioned on your other post, the time to reach a top spot is dependent on many factors. I suggest checking out SEO Moz’s beginners guide to seo: seomoz. org/ beginners-guide-to-seo

  9. The search algorithms are very complex and SEO is a continuous process. Your site probably is listed by the search engines, but not in the first pages – it also depends on what term you are searching for. There are millions of websites and many fighting to use the same search terms. You need to optimize your site so the search engines know that your site is a better fit than the others for a specific term. This takes time and considerable effort. – Christine

  10. everything i did was correct. i even submitted a site map to google. then they emailed me wanting me to join adwords with im not interested in. But the spiders did crawl my site. i’m not gon do the SEO if i don’t see my site because it wouldn’t make since to purchase it.

  11. My meta tags were scrapped by google. my site is a perfect match it’s just time consuming. Google need to hurry up to list my site because by my site not showing up this doesn’t look good on

  12. Hello, Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. If your site does not appear in search it is because the search engine does not identify your site as a good match for the search term you are using. Web hosts (1&1 included) do not have any effect on placement on search engines. You might be interested to check out seomoz (dot) org for more information on SEO and how to increase the visibility of your site. Best of luck with your site and SEO efforts! – Christine

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