Search Engine Optimization-SEO SERP Everyone wants to land on the first page of Google. The SERP or search engine results page is the first 10 best search engine results that are recommended based on the keywords that were typed into the browser search bar. Getting on the number one page of the SERP is based on many variables. Meta tags, page rank, tags and keywords and paragraph subtitles or h3 tags as well as incoming links using your keywords all play a role in your search engine results and what shows up on in the first 10 of the SERP. This video gives you a brief overview of what things mean on the SERP. http As a home party business presenter, Deb Bixler works one-on-one with new sales people who are just getting started in their direct selling business. She educates them the process of picking an opportunity to match their personality, she provides business start up advice in the area of website and blogging, finding bookings, growing a sales team and getting off to a impressive start with sales and marketing business practices. Deb teaches home business owners how to attract and find business both online and off line. She is a WordPress expert who provides affordable SEO guidance and theme installations. If you are having a WordPress issue, then contact Deb. If she can not fix it, there is no charge. Deb quit the business world in 2000 to enjoy life as work at home entrepreneur. In the first 9 months as a direct selling rep she put in place

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