Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Video Tutorial Guide

Go to to get a free SEO consult with our CEO. This search engine optimization video tutorial guide covers the areas of keyword research, analytics, conversion optimization, on page optimization, link building, social signals, and content marketing.

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  1. @Johnny, ALSO 1. don’t guess at your keywords. – use google adwords traffic estimator to accurately plan – create emotionally surprising content for that keyword and related alternates – compare traffic vs ctr vs conversion. (the terms that bring the biggest traffic don’t always bring sales) 2. if you’re not a professionally trained writer, hire a college student for $35. Google reads grammar. You’ll get penalized 3. Phone call bloggers. Ask them to link to you. Offer unrefusable value back

  2. Whitehat is a term that is used for techniques that are following Google’s guidelines and do not lead to a penalty. This changes from one algorithm update to the next. Anything excessive or unnatural in regards to search engine optimization is seen as blackhat.

  3. Staying abreast of the Google algorithm, conference, industry blogs, and working with 1000s of clients allows me to keep a strong knowledge base of SEO.

  4. It depends. SEO is a long term process and it can take anywhere from 60 days to a year to achieve a first page ranking. It depends on several factors; domain value and keyword competition being the largest.

  5. this is the first time i heard such strategy i own a site which had been 2 years old now and counting but i havent got that much traffic at all so I went online to search for help. SEO is my answer..I would like to talk to you more because i know i badly need help from an expert.

  6. its the most detailed tutorial ive ever watch about SEO. I know there are more but so far ive learned a lot from you please put the tools that you are using on the description.

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