Search Engine Tunnel | What Consumers Want Is Key Online Factor as Revealed by Research and Development

(PRWEB) December 31, 2013

Search Engine Tunnel | has announced the results of ongoing research and testing designed to determine the most effective strategy for businesses trying to establish an online presence. created search engine tunneling (SET) as a way for businesses and consumers to find one another on the Internet. Continued research and refinement have revealed that SET remains the most effective way for companies to break through the clutter and establish themselves online.

“We are constantly monitoring what works on the Internet, particularly as it applies to the major search engines,” said David Capo, founder of “What our research reveals is that businesses have the greatest chance for online success when they focus on what consumers want, and then develop their online presence around it.”

That may sound simple, and even obvious, but Capo said that its not typically what companies do.

“Usually a company will start a website and advertise or even sell its products or services on the site, much like a local retail store that places items on the shelf and then opens its doors hoping shoppers will come in,” he said. “But hoping for customers isnt a viable strategy. What we do is utilize search engine tunneling to identify targeted customers and learn what they want, and then help businesses build an online presence around that.”

Thats where search engine tunneling comes in. Most web designers and developers use a technique called search engine optimization (SEO) to build a websites identity. However, online success involves more than just an identity. It requires the ability for consumers to actually find a business through searches and quality links.

“Search engine tunneling revolves around an understanding of what consumers want and what they are searching for,” said Capo. “Once that has been determined, we introduce companies to a series of steps that help them zero in directly on their best prospects, and connect with them organically through legitimate search engine results.

Capo has been actively involved in building companies on the Internet for nearly a decade. was created to help businesses with big ideas utilize the Internet to develop those ideas into successful brands. The company recognized that search technology was moving beyond SEO due to the constant changing of algorithms by Google and the other major search engines.

Search engine tunneling was the outgrowth of PuZLinks research. The process is based on the recognition that the Internet functions like a puzzle, and words are the key to solving it. By identifying the words that people are searching for, a company can establish an online presence and then build its business through direct customer relationships.

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PuZLink LLC works with companies to succeed online by building ideas that will in turn build a business. The company welcomes inquiries from individuals or businesses interested in harnessing the potential of the Internet to build an online enterprise utilizing PuZLinks proprietary approach to search engine tunneling (SET). More information is available online at

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