Searcher4stuff Searches All the Popular Search Engines At Once

(PRWEB) February 24, 2005

Dogpile Searches All the Popular Search Engines At Once.

Just about any company or private website, information item, news story, image or audio file can be found online by anyone who knows how to search for it. If searching on Google doesn’t produce the right result, most people try Yahoo. If that doesn’t work either, Ask Jeeves might be the next stop. Web directories like About, Open Directory and Looksmart are great for category, rather than keyword searches, and search engines like Overture and FindWhat provide users with sponsored business listings. Audio files can be found using Singingfish or Yahoo Audio, and Yahoo News, ABC News, Topix and Fox News are useful resources for news searches. More information can be found at

Anyone who uses the internet to search for information will know that no one single search engine provides access to every site, or gives results listed in the most useful way. The great advantage of searcher4stuff over most other internet search resources is that it performs searches on all of these engines and directories simultaneously. By entering a search term in the usual way, users get a complete combined listing of results, with an indication alongside each item of which resource produced it. By choosing search terms intelligently, users can weight their results according to specific criteria. For example, “second hand notebooks” will produce results with an emphasis on businesses offering items for sale, while “new notebook technology” will find results which are weighted towards articles and news items.

Searcher also gives users access to information on what everyone else in the world is searching for, including a constantly updated listing of popular search terms. The SearchSpy tool produces a real-time listing of terms which are currently being searched by someone somewhere in the world. Users can choose between an unfiltered and a family friendly version.

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