SECOM Unveils World's First Flying Crime-prevention Robot

SECOM Unveils World's First Flying Crime-prevention Robot
On-board sensors allow the robot to maintain a constant distance between itself and any suspicious person and to also move quickly out of harm's way should someone try to knock it down. Using GPS, the robot can be programmed not to fly beyond a …
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Teens drive robot half a world away
Students said responding to the lag time between the robot's movements and when they saw it on their computer screen, about a second later, was the most challenging part of driving a robot located half a world away. “It's like a game of chess,” Jordan …

This Milk Production Was Brought To You By A Robot
But what she uniquely captures here is the latest chapter in the evolution of food production, in which technology — in the form of robots and computers — is the central character. "It was a bit bizarre, observing cows milked by robots without any …
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