secret images of google earth Want to control the universe like the Muscles in your body? The secret is to adjust the focus in your eyes from blurry to norm…
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  1. rawr jags says:

    I Did Before And I Laughed So Hard!!

  2. MrDrPrAwesomesauce says:

    Its actually two guys playing with the dog. The blood is really a water stain. The water makes the red dock look darker making it look like blood

  3. tomaszombiedog says:


  4. Dominic Johnson says:

    hahaha ive seen that

  5. andres quezadas says:

    did anyone else see the psy needs a chef commercial?

  6. FIN Os says:

    thank godD:

  7. MechanialRainbow says:

    it’s a dead dog…. not a person BTW

  8. FIN Os says:

    what the fuck D:

  9. sonnie lack says:

    52.376552,5.198303 type this up on google images

  10. Nix Tapay says:

    i saw E.T in the First one

  11. Thành Công says:

    great ! 

  12. MultiJello123 says:

    This quality would be shit in the 50’s.

  13. MegaRoFLL says:

    240 pi f4g

  14. taney stunai says:

    whats 1:30 ? i can’t see it

  15. Lynn c says:

    1:52 is really cool

  16. Anthony G says:

    That’s crazy!

  17. Twiztidguy says:

    Number 1 is actually 19 56 56 S, 69 38 02 W The Indian rock is actually 50 00 38 N, 110 06 51 w The coordinates you gave us are out of order.

  18. TheSaintRaul says:

    oh crap da illuminati sign can be found on their

  19. aphixe says:

    really 240 res? looks like crap

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