Secret Passageway

Secret Passageway

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I have been having a mouse problem for the past couple of weeks, and it wasn’t until this morning that I finally figured out where they were coming from. This shallow closet in my entry hall (it is nine inches deep!) isn’t good for much, so when I moved in I figured it would make a good food pantry since I have no upper cabinets in the kitchen nutch. Also being short on space used this closet for t-shirts and boxer briefs (sorry if that is TMI). The food up top, and the clean undergarments on the bottom.

I started seeing mice a couple of weeks back (only days after seeing this). Then last week, I opened my pantry/underwear closet to discover that the little guys had gotten into more than 20 packages of food (mostly rice and pasta) and basically I had to toss probably + worth in the trash. I cleared out the closet and bought mouse traps.

After loading the traps with cashew butter (yum!) and stuffing a hole in the wall under my sink where the gas pipe for the stove came in with steel wool nothing happened for several days and I and went about my business thinking the problem was dealt with.

Then I discovered that they were smart and could lick the cashew butter off of the traps and not get caught (this instinct must come from their ancestry). I kept the closet door closed thinking I had them trapped in the closet and tried new traps. Finally yesterday morning, I had success and caught the mouse… Or so I thought it was just one. Leary of just putting my food back into the cabinet, I set out some nibbles last night and sure enough, they were gone this morning. Even though I had thought I had explored the closet for points of entry, further investigation (re, using a mirror) revealed this lovely giant hole just inside the door jamb. I am glad to say that it is now stuffed with steel wool, I have set out more nibbles and if they are still there within a week I should be good to go. In the mean time my remaining food is boxes up and I have stacks of t-shirts and undies all over my apartment.

The joys of living in a 135 y/o space… I feel like I live in the wild kingdom, what next? A racoon?

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  1. One trick is to wrap some thread messily around the bait pad on the trap before you put peanut butter or whatnot on it. Leave plenty of stray loops. When the mouse is stealthily licking the bait he won’t be able to resist yanking on the thread loops. Snap! Otherwise, cats are good.

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