secret places in google earth 2012

secret places in google earth 2012

Google Earth allows you to travel the world through a virtual globe and view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, and much more. With Google Earth’s rich, geographical content, you are able to experience a more realistic view of the world. You can fly to to your favorite place, search for businesses and even navigate through directions Audio information for this video Artist:Marco Milone Song:Zonar Album:Karuna Reiki Volume 1 Time:15:08 Genre:Other Label:J
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16 Responses to secret places in google earth 2012

  1. Cameron Laxbro says:

    Oh yeah, I found a secret place that looks like a boot.

  2. creapshow666 says:

    Could you post cordenaits

  3. Tom Ford says:


  4. socialonion says:

    irritating sound

  5. lx86420 says:

    @doelas227 y?

  6. VexaDesigns says:

    alright: 2012…..

  7. 32194awesome49123 says:

    Seemsu unreal

  8. nakedgiraffe1 says:


  9. Mahdi al-Darwish says:

    my phone is way faster than ur pc

  10. dylan calabaza says:

    the one with the nazzi building is real

  11. skerdzius s says:

    no lag

  12. bruce wayne says:

    I thought it was Darth Vader at 6:05

  13. kobe robles says:

    Copy and pasting… Copy and pasting.

  14. woflakias says:

    Dude nice work but you have got a life?

  15. isprel221 says:

    Firefox is good. Internet Explorer sucks.

  16. cPartyGangsta says:

    1:30 is Bermode Triangle

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