secret places in google earth

secret places in google earth

Amazing places at Google Earth….Google Earth Mystery Amazing Secret Stunning Weird Strange Hidden Places Dinosaur Alien UFO Crop Circles. cool places. secr…
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  1. ExcruciatingLAUGH says:

    how long did you take to find all of em? curois :O

  2. evgen sta says:

    Познать самих себя

  3. Hittit94 says:

    6:24 : Northern Turkish Cyprus flag. Northern Cyprus is not accepted by any nation in world, it is accepted only by Turkey and they put the biggest flag of N.C to that island. I think this clearly shows that there is a one country called Northern Cyprus, even if we deny it or not!!

  4. Song Lee says:

    thats ain’t a secret anymore 😀

  5. SeanistReidest says:

    4:09 FAP!!! HAHAHA!!!

  6. AcidLSDCanabislover says:

    A plane i mean

  7. AcidLSDCanabislover says:

    Under the firefox one, there is a van with loads of people near it

  8. Samuel White says:

    they arent really a secret anymore if they’ve just been given away to 27,083 people. Lol

  9. gabrieltrevinogarcia says:

    check this place on google maps 48.353540, 11.731678 very cool

  10. bhavin trivedi says:

    link : “ / 6buAV” . above link shows the “””51 Things You Aren’t Allowed to See on Google Maps”””

  11. alienlife23456 says:

    I would like to convert the Google Earth tour movies into movies I can up load into Windows Movie Maker or Youtube. Can any explain to me how that is done?

  12. MsBorncrazy says:

    idiot at 3:17 thats not a unicorn!!!!!!its a pegasus!!!!!it has wings!!!!!

  13. WELLBRAN says:

    creepiest thing was the music

  14. TheEyvera says:

    can you give all the code please 

  15. zsqdful says:

    I envy your imagination

  16. Caitlyn S says:

    yah , its kinda creepy though, like how cool would it be to think our planet is gonna be destroyed sometime, and all those crop circles are pin points exactly where they have to hit to split the planet up or like they hit a button and the crop circles glow up and suddenly connect through weird lines then something crazy will happen o,o

  17. darkhorizonifyable says:

    maybe some of those but others are real and can really only be seen from air

  18. darkhorizonifyable says:

    hehehe fap 

  19. Jiko Colita says:


  20. Hush Whisper says:

    You heard people say- “it will never be found”, “it ain’t true”, “it just can’t be”. I’m here to tell you these People are wrong- I found it. Using Google Earth – I found God’s Watermarks of the REAL Garden of Eden. Look at my Channel and see the Video I made of it. I didn’t point all of it out either- there are many things still hid for you to find. I even have a picture of God- come see!

  21. Barry Peck says:

    yes its on google earth massive rabbit

  22. DaduxMJ says:

    Download here the lastest version of Google Earth for free: Google Earth PLUS [GPS+3D Support] ht tp://ww

  23. MegaAkram12345 says:


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