Secret to ChrisFarrell-Online’s Squeeze Page SERP Position Success

Visit: for access to a free content source… Many Internet marketers use simple one-page websites called squeeze pages as a tool to build lists for relationship building and facilitate future marketing efforts. Quality squeeze pages tend to have one significant issue associated with them, they rank poorly in the SERPs due to a lack of content unless it is built around a low competition keyword phrase. There are times, however, when squeeze pages associated with good keywords (fairly competitive and good traffic potential) do rank well in the SERPs and that is the case for Internet marketer, Chris Farrell. One of Chris’ squeeze pages located at the domain, “” has indeed gained excellent SERP position for the keyword phrase Chris Farrell. Since the targeted keyword phrase is estimated to get up to 1600 local and 4400 global searches (exact match), this could be a nice source of consistent traffic to the site each month. The video summarizes my evaluation of the domain using SEO Quake to find the domain is not just a one page website but has over 150 indexed pages in Google, 137 backlinks (some PR 3-5) pointing at the home page and over 3000 backlinks pointing to the domain as a whole. It appears a combination of good use of the targeted KW, Chris Farrell, lots of quality content and backlinks are key in getting this squeeze page high in the SERPs. For more information and help in establishing your web presence visit www

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