Secrets about Google Adwords

Secrets about Google Adwords


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  1. fangr1d3 says:

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  2. bequna gelashvili says:

    if you wont to make money whith goodle adward you must have web page ???????//

  3. LifeBloodMarketing says:

    Sent you an email with a detailed answer.

  4. beautyandthetube says:

    I’m SOO confused!! Google adsense emailed me and said to sign up, so I signed up, and it’s asking me for MY billing info so that they can bill me? I thought they were the ones that paid out? I just started my chanel and I’m so confused on how to get money or what programs I need to use to earn more-i know there’s something that you can sign up for, and they tell you what to talk about and then you get paid like 5$ for every 1,000 views, anyone know what that’s called? I FORGOT!. ughh so confuse

  5. Joey Meka says:

    Do you wanna make money by liking facebook pages or just following random people on twitter…and it costs you nothing but time so its absolutely FREE!!! Follow this link below and register now to win money very very easy !! bit. ly/12UeKB3 (WITHOUT THE SPACE AFTER “.”)

  6. Igor Soshkin says:

    You are limited to one coupon per account

  7. MrAtamayoz89 says:

    Why not use coupons only instead, is there a limit or something or how does that work? Great vid btw!

  8. waiatatube says:

    You need an american tax number if you want to collect your earnings

  9. chiesarahah says:

    I don’t know much English. And I am living in South Asia. Can I try it? And I heard that there are many websites were scamming. :(

  10. Igor Soshkin says:

    No problem. Be sure to subscribe and follow my blog link is in the description. If you need help managing your adwords here is a link for a consultation bitly dot com/adwordsconsult

  11. CleverChefTV says:

    Thanks so much! Great vid by the way, learned a lot :)

  12. Igor Soshkin says:

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