Sectorlink Begins Partnership With IVF Michigan Division 1 and Northpointe Bank

Flint, MI (PRWEB) December 30, 2014

IVF Michigan Division 1, an in-vitro fertilization clinic, has partnered up with Sectorlink at the beginning of December in order to boost its online visibility so that it can help more people in need of fertility guidance across Michigan.

Dr. Abuzeid founded IVF Michigan Division 1 with the purpose of helping families achieve their goals of having children. It has since grown and now has two Michigan-based branches in Rochester Hills and Flint, both of which are working with Sectorlink.

Northpointe Bank, a Michigan bank and nationwide mortgage lender, has also partnered up with Sectorlink at the beginning of December in order to boost its online visibility so that it can assist more people in need of personal and commercial lending and banking services.

Northpointe Bank opened its doors 15 years ago with a clear vision for the bank. In addition to being a resource for sound financial solutions, they wanted real people working with real people, and to provide an exceptionally high level of service for each and every customer. Northpointe Bank is headquartered in Grand Rapids with 5 loan centers across Michigan, 3 in Ohio, and 1 in Indiana.

“We are excited to work with both organizations to guide them through the search engine optimization process,” said Ryan Eisert, President of Sectorlink’s Digital Marketing Division. “Our [search engine optimization] strategy begins and ends with engaging and enduring content that is industry specific to each of our partners.”

Sectorlink is increasing IVF and Northpointe Bank’s online visibility with several effective, strategic SEO tactics, such as onsite blogging, colorful and eye-catching infographics, and offsite newsworthy articles related to in-vitro fertilization and the banking industry respectively. The SEO strategies Sectorlink offers follow the industry’s best practices, which will endure the perpetual updates and changes that are constantly occurring in the online marketing and SEO industry.

“SEO is in constant flux and presenting our partners as a trusted expert will set them apart and ensure a winning long term strategy,” said Eisert.

IVF and Northpointe Bank chose to work with Sectorlink because they were in need of a new digital marketing partner that could guide them in the right direction, and set proper expectations. Sectorlink partnered up with IVF and Northpointe Bank because it believes in what they do, and wants to help them reach new, potential clients, as the internet has become a key resource for consumers.

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