Sectorlink Launches Innovative, User-Friendly Website

Flint, MI (PRWEB) January 19, 2015

It’s in with the new, and out with the old. Earlier this month, Sectorlink overhauled its website, making it more engaging and more user-friendly in a variety of ways. Now, the site is mobile optimized, has a floating navigation bar, an easier billing service, a new support center, an improved shopping cart system, and even a customer service live chat.

“It was time for a face lift” said Jason Eisert, President of Sectorlink. “We’ve seen the company grow tremendously thanks to SEO strategies and customer referrals. We’re getting more site traffic every month and felt we could make a more intuitive site for existing and new customers.”

Though the last iteration of the website worked well, the new one is much more user friendly. First and foremost, the new site has been optimized for mobile devices using responsive web design, creating a more streamlined experience for anyone who may visit via a smartphone or tablet.

“People today are busy and desire website that are accurate and informative. So we decided to feature a new blog that will be able to get in front of most FAQs; it will be a great resource for those looking for the latest trends and topics about Cloud Web Hosting and Internet marketing, as well as the benefits,” explained Eisert. “It offers rich content, not just bullet points that might leave one with more questions, so people can obtain a wealth of knowledge.”

Sectorlink has also made the billing and credit card self service page easier to navigate. Part of this change includes the shopping cart system; it will now be easier for clients to place orders, all to make the purchasing process easier at every step of the way.

The site also features a brand new 24/7 live chat for any urgent customer service issue, and a new support center that makes it easier for customers to find help documents they can use to guide them as they troubleshoot their issues.

Sectorlink thought of everything, making the site holistically more navigable. It even has a navigation bar that scrolls down the page with the user, to make it easier for them to discover our services without having to go searching for a link, button, or tab.

“We’ve responded to customer recommendations as well as met our own goal of updating the website to make it fresh and appealing. One thing that we are trying to accomplish is to make sure the customer can get in contact with us easily,” said Eisert. “We want to be troubleshooting with our customers in real time when a problem arises. Leaving a customer waiting can cause havoc to a business when websites are on the line. — so we’ve made ourselves readily available.”

About Sectorlink

Sectorlink is a leader in the cloud web hosting market and digital marketing, and is focused on redefining both services. They offer cloud migration, managed dedicated servers, virtual private servers, colocation, website design, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and more. Sectorlink makes customer service a top priority. To learn more, visit

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