SeeVolution Inc., Real-time Analytics and Website Heatmapping Leaders, Launch New Heatmap Feature

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

Website analytics should be simple, clear and organized. Knowing this, the Manhattan Beach start-up, SeeVolution Inc., successfully created an original way for a webmaster to easily understand their websites analytics, and optimize the site accordingly.

Recently, the real-time analytics company launched a new website heatmapping featurewhich displays the actual number of clicks an object receives within their signature click heatmaps.

A website heatmap is a mapped out image of a visitors onsite behavior, interactions and navigation. SeeVolution does this with hotspots that have a color range similar to the one of a flame, with red being the hottest part. Including click maps, the service provides a total of three map optionsmouse movement heatmaps and scroll heatmapsthat each transparently lie atop of any website where their unique code snippet has been added. Those heatmaps and the websites real-time analytics are conveniently available to webmasters within an overlaid toolbar that appears at the top of their website, allowing a stress free login that requires no navigation.

Website heatmapping helps webmasters find key spots of visitor activity, which they can use to optimize the site with enhanced usability. SeeVolutions toolbar organizes these maps, and the sites analytics, into comprehensive sections. Everything from seeing how many people are currently onsite, to finding out the websites traffic sources can be found in this overlaid toolbar.

Those stats alone can help a webmaster gauge trends and find out how current efforts are being received, while reviewing individual heat maps can point out key features to optimize.

Click heatmaps show areas of high clicking and the number of clicks it has. This space includes everything from text and pictures, to animations and dead space. Webmasters can now see what is actually being interacted with, which can help create specific content for their visitors. These intuitive maps break down the wall between a webmaster and their audiences onsite activity, while providing valuable statistics they would not otherwise possess.

Highlighting areas of high activity as well, mouse movement heatmaps do this with color coded clouds. With sophisticated eye tracking technology that shows an 85% correlation between the movements of a mouse and eye movement, these heatmaps provide a map of visual focus. This gives webmasters the power to see if new content, images and even advertisements are working as they should. They are also a great tool for blog owners looking to monitor their total content.

Scroll heatmaps offer a unique solution to long webpages and misused space. Perfect for e-commerce websites, these maps track the scroll rate and percentage of views each level of a website has. Once reviewed, webmasters are able to see where their fold lies. A sites fold is the level at which there is a significant drop off in view, for example from 97%-80%. Purchase or call to action button optimization is key here and can be quickly improved upon.

SeeVolution is currently working on an exciting total application upgrade that will be available soon. Their new version will improve current features, as well as bring customers brand new ways of looking at their website. The company continues to take real-time analytics and heatmapping to the next level and sees a successful future in the horizons.

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