Sell iPod Classics and Join App Revolution says Gadget Panda, as App Store Marks 50 Billion Sales

(PRWEB UK) 7 June 2013

Tech recycling firm Gadget Panda is encouraging people with Apple products that pre-date the App Store to sell iPod forebears now, and upgrade to new devices that use apps, as Apple celebrates the 50 billionth download from its App Store (

Since the App Store opened in July 2008, more than 850,000 apps have been made available for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad owners to purchase or download for free.

But older Apple models, like the iPod Classic model, are not compatible with the App Store, and cant use apps.

People who want to sell iPod Classics can send their device to Gadget Panda and get money towards an upgrade. Gadget Panda recycles old devices so they dont end up in waste landfill.

Gadget Panda spokesman, Leonard Stumke, said: Apples sales landmark has brought home just how much we rely on apps for entertainment, shopping, getting work done and loads more day-to-day activities.

But it also shows how much iPod Classic users are missing out on.

The iPod Classic is an iconic piece of technology, and when it launched more than ten years ago, the ability to carry your entire music collection around in your pocket was truly revolutionary.

But with more than 850,000 apps available, and not a single one accessible to iPod Classic owners, it feels like the standalone MP3 player might have had its day.

Apple launched its latest iPod, the fifth-generation iPod Touch, last October (2012).

As well as playing MP3s like the iPod Classic, the Touch has Wi-Fi Internet access, so users can download apps on the go.

It also has a four-inch widescreen Retina display, Multi-Touch IPS technology, and 512MB of memory.

With an iPod Touch, you get all the important features of an iPod Classic, but with Internet connectivity and access to thousands of fun and useful apps from the App Store, Leonard said.

Now is the perfect time to sell iPod pensioners, and get a modern iPod Touch to see what youve been missing.

But rather than chucking your iPod away and contributing to the e-waste problem, or leaving the gadget gathering dust in a draw, you can sell your iPod Classic, Nano and Shuffle models to us.

Youll receive a cash payment, and well recycle the iPod.

As well as allowing users to sell iPods, Gadget Panda accepts other Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads.

The firm also offers cash for smartphones from Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry, as well as Amazon Kindles, Sony PSP handheld consoles, and a host of other gadgets.

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