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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Sem Saida | INSANELY SCARY!

  1. Jack Wheeler says:

    t.c.s total care sercurity

  2. Paige Michaelis says:

    I’m watching this even though it scares me. Makes sense right?

  3. Laura Plas says:

    I don’t like this! ;~;

  4. TheUnicornwithwings says:

    The jump-scares scared me to be honest

  5. zombies1914 says:

    Part 2 part 2 part 2 part 2

  6. Paige Michaelis says:

    Make a part 2! And god it got me the first time.

  7. Kristeen Raynes says:

    part 2!

  8. Danielle Lovegrove says:

    Ive got “Ghost” bumps

  9. Danielle Lovegrove says:

    The jumpscare was freaky!

  10. Bennett Marks says:

    sounds like sam sedie

  11. Luke Aikler says:


  12. TheFlacker99 says:

    More please! 

  13. michelleediamond says:

    Do a part 2 Yamimash!!!!!!

  14. SLENDERFREAK5127 says:

    Yami, Vincell is getting lonely

  15. Michelle L says:

    yes please

  16. Danny Jr Newton says:

    Yamimash. WHY U NO MAKE PART 2 BY NOW!!!

  17. Danny Jr Newton says:

    my hand still hurt from that salt and ice challange

  18. BloodylocksBathory says:

    LOL lookit dat smiiiiiile.

  19. sunnyD5927 says:

    I seriously jumped out of my chair at the jumpscare,,,

  20. Hephaestus29 says:

    Holy shetaki mushrooms that jump scare for when he went down the stairs looking for the key scared the heck out of me lol

  21. moaid2003 says:

    I was scared of his scream

  22. TableFlip11 says:

    Reminds me of Bleach monsters.

  23. haydenandbrandon lancasterandmiller says:

    Backwards whisper: I will rape you and you won’t even know Me: hmmmmmmmm……… *searches kitten video*

  24. haydenandbrandon lancasterandmiller says:

    Sem Saida is Estonian but google translate didn’t find what it meant

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