SEM Series Part 2: Data Screening

SEM Series Part 2: Data Screening

In this video I demonstrate case and variable screening.

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  1. normscode says:

    Found a solution James! I opened the excel file in SPSS then just copied the data. Thanks! All your videos are pushing me in my research right now.

  2. James Gaskin says:

    Some divide it by standard error. I just use the absolute stat when using Likert 5-point scales.

  3. James Gaskin says:

    Not sure. Probably should do a find and replace for zeros to blanks.

  4. normscode says:

    Hi James. When I copy them from excel to SPSS, they blanks are filled-in with “0”. Can you help me with this? Thanks!

  5. John Boberg says:

    James, thanks for all of your great videos. They are very helpful. I have a question about the way you test kurtosis in this video. You use the kurtosis stat, highlighting those with an absolute value greater than 2. Do you use the SPSS stat directly, or do you divide that stat by the kurtosis standard error? I thought you had to divide it by the SE.

  6. Jamie Kennedy says:

    Right okay thank again! I will have to make some decisions on this, and will see if there is any reference sources out there; if there are I will share!

  7. James Gaskin says:

    I’m not sure. Most of what I do is just what makes sense, not necessarily based directly on a journal article. I’ve never read an article that talked about unengaged responses (although I have one right now that is in second round of review).

  8. Jamie Kennedy says:

    Thanks! Yes James, not the best situation! I think I will leave them to be on the safe side and keep my sample. This idea of ‘unengaged respondents’ hasn’t been covered in the texts I use. Are there any good ones on this, or any journals? Perhaps ‘unengaged responses’ is not the only term…

  9. James Gaskin says:

    Yikes! You’ll just have to decide whether those represent true or unengaged responses.

  10. James Gaskin says:

    correct. my scales are all on 5-point likert I think. you would need to do yours separately for each different size scale.

  11. Jamie Kennedy says:

    I just wanted to add, regarding the issue of unengaged responses: I have a lot of people with STDEV around 0, or less then .5. But this may well be because of the likelihood to hit the ceiling of scoring. Not sure how best to deal with this, because I don’t want to remove so many people (around 15%)…

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