semantics of natural language

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  1. sai reddy says:

    HAHAHAHHAH dude u r funny!!!

  2. zweer13 says:

    very good and insightful comments. genius!

  3. richard mullins says:

    Thanks for your advice Randy. I will look out for the book.

  4. randyhelzerman says:

    (cont) For example, SHRLU was written in planner (a programming language implemented in LISP) and today planner is recognized as being a dialect of prolog. Do check out the recent book by Patrick Blackburn and Johan Bos for a great description of how to implement the state-of-the-art semantics in prolog.

  5. randyhelzerman says:

    Prolog is the preferred programming language for NLP semantics. The principle problem with prolog can be enunciated this way: They say that a good programming language should make hard problems easy and easy problems trivial. Prolog makes hard problems easy, but makes easy problems hard :-) That being said, if you want to do NLP semantics, you’ll eventually have to implement most of what is already in prolog. (cont)

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