SEMSReady SKV Training-Lafayette

SEMSReady SKV Training-Lafayette
Event on 2014-03-06 09:00:00

The SEMSReady™ Skills and Knowledge Verification (SKV) program is designed to help operators and contractors comply with SEMS. Created by Lifeline Strategies and OQSG, SEMSReady™ is based on proven evaluation techniques. The class and follow-up assistance program teaches administrators and evaluators how to:

  • Create a competency evaluation plan;

  • Determine the skills, knowledge, experience and training needed to do a job;

  • Identify the critical parts of a job that need to be evaluated; and

  • Perform evaluations that are accurate, objective and consistent.

The course is open to administrators, supervisors, and other experienced personnel who will be managing the evaluation program or evaluating their employees’ skills and knowledge.
SEMSReady™ will manage the approval process and recordkeeping for trained administrators and evaluators so that customers and their auditors can easily determine that the program meets industry guidelines.

The program also allows administrators and evaluators to:

  • Manage competency and training through a database system that is used by hundreds of companies; and
  • Receive follow-up assistance for developing or reviewing a competency evaluation plan.


SEMSReady™ classes are being held in Lafayette and Houston or companies can host classes at their facility.

at ISS Training Facility
1121 Hugh Wallis Road
Lafayette, United States

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