Sen. Rand Paul Seeks Vote Of No Confidence In Secretary Geithner – 09/07/11

Sen. Paul moves for no-confidence resolution in Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner
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16 thoughts on “Sen. Rand Paul Seeks Vote Of No Confidence In Secretary Geithner – 09/07/11

  1. America, We need an intermittent vote. It’s coming down to two votes, and we need a winning combination!Mitt Romney President: Rand Paul Vice President: Ron Paul Secretary of Treasury: Allen West Secretary of State.America is waking up to Soverign Rights issues, and the founding fathers principles of freedom. Ron as Sec. of Treasure,would have the power to audit the FEDs!Rand would be a winning VP!This is Americas #1 opportunity, dont split the vote!We cant afford Oboma, but do need the Pauls

  2. to put it simply, he makes nasty remarks about gay people, prescribes all sorts of social norms and says they’re “proved” in some way he refuses to specify how. his kind of libertarianism is the “basically, i want to tell you how to live but leave my money alone” kind which is the worst and least interesting kind.

  3. But Hitler was going to die in a 1945-1946 of natural causes anyways and he would of never been able to follow through. Plus a large portion of the troops who fought against the Soviets were the “White Russians” numbering hundreds of thousands. These people were loyal Russians who would’ve turned on the Nazis if there was any chance of them doing that. Also, most Germans would of never allowed a “Betrayal of the Cossacks” like the USA did (we genocided them).

  4. Hitler’s plan was to depopulate a large amount of land that it inteded to occupy from Poland and in through Soviet Union. They were going to empty all the cities of peole and destroy the cities.

  5. Its also funny seeing politicians speaking about debt here and debt there,if in nature there is no debt,its all human created,just some numbers written somewhere,that have to be there so that some people can have more power than others,because thats is what its all about.Deep in my heart,in my DARK side,i would like to see the whole system crasch so badly that the world would fall into complete caos,with wars going on everywere,so that hopefully we can learn from that,sooooooo sweet

  6. Why should a recession exist just because of bad advice?Recessions are a natural symptom of capitalism,they always existed and they always will,no matter how smart someone thinks to be.Are you all serious?Capitalism requires good and bad times to even work somehow,some people win and some must loose.So if you are fine with this system suck it up.Im not picking on the guy,i like him,but dont think good wil alone and beeing smart will change a symptom of the system.

  7. @boat6868 @JK4C2012 There’s a rumor Rand Paul would be vice-president for Ron Paul. What most Tea Party members/Cain supporters don’t realized is that the GOP war/bank machine hijacked the movement. “Occupy Wall Street”people warned not to let their efforts get hijacked (like the GOP hijacked the Tea Party) Napolitano suggests common goals. End the Fed End the wars End the income tax /watch?v=nF30eMuWFHI

  8. It’s also arguable that Hitler genocided the Jews needlessly BECAUSE of the war (they thought it was wasting needed war resources to feed them for example). It’s called the “FINAL Solution” for a reason. Hitler had suggested deporting the Jews many times, one of which was the “Madagascar Plan”. The Allies often refused to accept Jewish immigrants (a VERY overlooked part of history).History might’ve been different if the UK (who controlled Israel) offered to give them a homeland.

  9. The USA also committed genocide in the Philippine-American War, and most historians estimate we genocided 1.4 million people. The USA had a “commission” to try to cover it up, but to their dismay, the key witnesses themselves ADMITTED it and called them “savages”. Teddy Roosevelt was the military governor (but your history book calls him a hero). So that + native american genocides + operation keelhaul = ~4 million US genocides. People always justify war like you do but it’s ugly.

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