Senses Fail | Kublai Khan | Tir Asleen | Awesome Hours

Senses Fail | Kublai Khan | Tir Asleen | Awesome Hours
Event on 2015-03-03 18:00:00
Tue, Mar 3 On Sale: Dec/11

The Masquerade Presents

Let It Enfold You 10 Year Anniversary Tour

Senses Fail

Kublai Khan | Tir Asleen | Awesome Hours


6:00 PM | .50 ADV | All Ages


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Kublai Khan

Energetic, aggressive, and passionate music. A four piece metalcore band based in north Texas. We say whats on our hearts to express how we feel, who we are, what we stand for, and wont stand for, as well as the problems of our generation. In hopes of tapping into the underground and revealing the unseen lives and feelings of the youth in modern American society. We are fighting to make an impact in a music scape bogged down with meaningless lyrics and recycled with mindless music. Trying to push messages that often get overlooked or ignored in the nation today, hoping to use our music as a vessel to relate with people and emit hope.Read More

Tir Asleen

In today’s steadily declining music industry the pattern for many bands seems to revolve around restricting themselves to some sort of popular sub-genre and the fleeting hope of cornering some portion of an over saturated market. This is not the case at all with Calhoun, Georgia’s experimental post-hardcore act Tir Asleen. Formed in November of 2009, the five members of Tir Asleen set out with the daunting task of creating music with a wide array of sounds while maintaining a unique and heartfelt sense of identity. Just under a year later, the band emerged with “Running Strong”, an EP which showcases the bands off kilter brand of everything from the melodic and catchy…Read More

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at The Masquerade
695 North Avenue
Atlanta, United States

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