SEO 101: How search engine optimization really works

SEO 101: How search engine optimization really works
In my last article, "How does Google Search really work?" I discussed the basics of how Google crawls the web, indexes data, and presents search results using a scoring system called PageRank to determine which links are presented first. I mentioned …
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Did Google Help or Hurt SEO in 2013?
Last year I wrote An Open Letter To Google. After a year of updates that smacked down site owners and took negative SEO and collateral damage to a new level, I felt some things needed to be said. Not to mention the lackluster advice they gave that …
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The Year in Pop As Told By the Artists of SearchEngine Optimization
Ever since the search field usurped the role of smug record shop clerk, there have been musicians eager to game the system and get you to listen to them by mistake. In February Abraham Riesman interviewed SEO rapper A1 MoufPiece who was extremely …
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