SEO 201, Part 4: Architecture Is Key

SEO 201, Part 4: Architecture Is Key
No matter which aspect of search engine optimization you're engaged in — from content optimization to increasing link authority — architecture drives SEO. For the purposes of this article, “architecture” describes what content is represented and how …
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K-Pop Legend Seo Taiji Enlists IU for Synth Spectacular 'Sogyeokdong'
After five years away from the scene, singer and producer Seo Taiji — whose group Seo Taiji and the Boys is largely credited for establishing modern K-pop — returns with a new collaboration track featuring K-Pop Hot 100 chart queen IU. To precede his …
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Avoiding SEO Pitfalls During Conversion Rate Optimization
Overall, it's a great system — except when considering SEO for that page. Many times, the content for Page A and Page B may be identical, only varying layout or imagery. This type of test can accidentally lead to duplicate content being listed in …
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