SEO Agency SmartRank Declares 100% 1st Page Ranking or No Pay

US, (PRWEB) October 12, 2012

The Basingstoke based seo agency SmartRank now declares 100% page ranking services. Customers dont need to pay if the outcome is not satisfactory.

Following the increasing demand of seo services, different seo companies are coming to the fore to help online business owners, but they dont succeed always to satisfy customers need. This inadequate service sometime proves devastating for the owners. That is why Mr. yslin, the owner of seo company SmartRank, introduces a new policy that will prove helpful both for the customers and for the company. Customers will benefit because they will get the money back in case of any issue. However, he suggests that that situation will never arise as they will prove through the service how they work differently from other seo companies to help customers in getting first page ranking.

He has been interviewed by the media personalities where he declared the availability of the service and said a few words on it. According to him, We are in this business for long time and now it has been time to do something different for the customers. The professional working with the company has already expertise on offering high quality services. Following their performance, we can now say that our service will bring first page ranking for customers. That is why we are declaring that if customers are not satisfied with the seo agency services, they will be paid back

The professionals will work on different aspect like link building, key word researches, and other. Customers can monitor the development of page ranking along with availing optimization services from the seo agency.

Mr. Dora, the head seo professional of the seo agency also commented on the services that the company has introduced. He said, Customers always depend on our services to improve their performance in different search engines. We consider that it is our responsibility that we offer the best. That is why we have promised to pa0y the money back to prove that we are different from other seo agency

Mr. Xaviar is a regular customer of the company who opt for their services. She says, It is a great approach that the seo agency is offering the money back in case of dissatisfaction. We need to pay a lot for these services but if it doesnt work then the returned amount proves helpful

Customers can easily understand what the professionals are doing to bring them top ranking. The seo agency professionals analyze each step to the customers.

About the company: SmartRank is a provider of seo services and its offering services for both small and large companies The company has now a 98% customer retention rate as it doesnt force customer to opt for long-term contacts. To know more about the company visit

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