SEO Austin Inc Announces New Pay-Per-Click Services

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) July 10, 2014

For companies that have websites for their products and services, they need well-oiled marketing machines to raise awareness of their existence and consequently generate more revenue. This is especially crucial for companies that do not have physical addresses and solely rely on the Internet for all their business. Since 2004, Server Side Design, Inc. has been providing pay-per-click services to Houston companies, and it has quickly built a reputation as one of the best web marketing firms in town. Recently, its Austin divisionthe aptly named SEO Austinannounced that it will start offering pay-per-click services to its clients based in the capital of Texas.

Pay-per-click campaigns involve the creation of ads with keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to the company’s goods and services, as well as its target market. Thus, when someone types a word or collection of words in a search engine box, and it corresponds with the ad’s keywords or keyword phrases, the ad shows up among the search results. Although pay-per-click campaigns sound easy to create and implement, most companies have little time to dedicate to the perfection of this part of web marketing. Indeed, ineffective campaigns can cause companies to lose money, since they might not be getting a good return of investment (ROI).

Thus, SEO Austin can step in with its expertise in web marketing. A team of professional web developers and web marketers work together to create ads that pay attention to each product and service, search trends, and possible ranges of keywords or keyword combinations. These factors can help generate traffic, convert leads into revenue, and boost the client’s online brand authority.

SEO Austin also keeps their clients informed on the progress of their pay-per-click campaigns. That way, clients would be able to determine which ads are doing well and possibly need more financing. On the other hand, they can find out which ones are not doing so well and figure out how to tweak them or stop them from running.

About SEO Austin:

Functioning as a division of prominent web marketing firm Server Side Design, Inc., SEO Austin focuses on clients in the capital of Texas. Using the slogan “Your Online Success Is Our Success,” SEO Austin helps local businesses with their web marketing and advertising campaigns. Roger Janik, the founder of SEO Austinand, by extension, Server Side Designhas over a decade of experience as a professional web designer and web marketer. The company is headquartered in 9600 Great Hills Trail, Austin, TX 78759. Customers can dial 512-298-1881.

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