SEO Basics for Beginners | Is Search Engine Optimization Complicated?

SEO Basics for Beginners Is Search Engine Optimization Complicated? SEO for beginners is not complicated to learn. the term “search en…

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  1. David Boozer says:

    That’s okay, you will get it…Make sure that descriptions and titles to products are “complete”. This is good for creating a better optimized product.

  2. nancy piltzecker says:

    thanks – I have one registered but my items are such a mess I’m trying to get organized – lots to learn!

  3. David Boozer says:

    You could compliment your Etsy site with a blog based around the products you sell…Popular Tops Blog does just that. He had the issue of not enough traffic, last month he had one of the days turn out to be a $300 dollar day…traffic from his blog.

  4. nancy piltzecker says:

    This cleared up alot of stuff. Would this all apply if I have a shop on Etsy? What more or less would I need to know? I don’t sell pricy enough stuff to get my own freestanding website. Can I still get a high ranking independently or will I always be 2nd to Etsy?

  5. Antonio Burazer says:

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  6. David Boozer says:

    Thanks Damien!

  7. Damien Brick says:

    This guy is crazy funny. Wish I had him as a lecture in school. He uses great simple analogy’s that makes you learn really easy. Nice one 😉

  8. David Boozer says:

    Thanks Aaron =)

  9. Aaron Williams says:

    Brilliant work, David. To the point, humane, and functional advice. Thanks!

  10. Brian Uribe says:

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  11. Rocky Beats says:

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