SEO Blackhat vs. Whitehat

This video was made in response to Searchmetrics competition for a SEOktoberfest 2011 ticket. Riisager from is the initiated this short film and the initial idea. Jens Dalsgaard from http is the videographer and editor and Casper Blom from is the writer of the manuscript. NOTE FROM JENS Since some people do not get the joke, I have to stress that this video is just for fun and does not show actual link building. Søren Riisager Scandinavian SEO guru Jens Dalsgaard Scandinavian AdWords and Video guru http Casper Blom Scandinavian Facebook guru What would happen if a blackhat seo and a whitehat seo would compete IRL (in real life)? FIND MIG HER *** Website http *** Twitter *** Google+ *** LinkedIn
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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11 Responses to SEO Blackhat vs. Whitehat

  1. ElainePamela9 says:

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  2. Ricardo Simms says:

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  3. Enialla Seyer says:

    I’ve heard Keyword Scout is good, has anyone tried it?

  4. WolfzShadowz says:

    Denmark? Tøj eksperten? 😉

  5. meverton ninetynine says:

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  6. jens1504 says:

    INGEN af jer er en så kaldt “GURU”

  7. SEOJedi says:


  8. Olivier Murat says:

    i mean blasting him

  9. Olivier Murat says:

    i think there is no way to google to detect blackhat except if they got multiple ping from everywhere on the web. But if that’s work, would be pretty bad because i can also outranked one guy doing white hat, just by blasting here with blackhat. :) And Be on the top on google would be like a Western, who kill the other one :)

  10. Olivier Murat says:

    Wrong ! Black hat >>>>>>>>>>> White hat! You just paint your black hat to white :) that’s is link wheel ! ^^

  11. Olivier Murat says:

    mdr = lol, in french

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