SEO Company Ajax Union Explains Black Versus White Hat SEO Strategies in New Blog Post, Provides Insight on How to Update SEO Strategy in an Evolving Search Engine Environment

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 16, 2013

Online marketing agency Ajax Union has released a post contrasting Black Hat and White Hat approaches to SEO. The post,How Black Hat SEO Can Damage your Business, provides insight and background on how Black Hat and White Hat tactics evolved to fit a rapidly changing search engine landscape-one in which content quality has become increasingly important.

Black Hat SEO refers to an older, more quantity-driven approach to SEO. Black Hat strategies developed in an era when sheer volume of keywords and links were often enough to boost search rankings. While effective in their time, Black Hat SEO tactics are now detectable by search engines, and in term often lead to lower rankings. White Hat SEO describes a more modern approach, one which focuses on providing quality content to a more targeted audience.

Search engines today are remarkably smart- it really is shocking how far theyve come. It wasnt so long ago that web designers would keyword-stuff pages by writing in white on a white background. Today, you have to be both clever and committed to your target audience for your website to rank well, said Andrew Cohen, Onsite Leader at Ajax Union.

Other recent posts on Ajax Unions blog tackle eCommerce, PR, and Twitter. The online marketing company offers additional complimentary educational materials including eBooks and webinars. Ajax Union specializes in medium and small business internet marketing with convenient month-to-month plans that provide complete ownership of all content created to its clients and transparency each step of the way.

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