SEO Company Ajax Union Features New Services Available Via Affiliated Press Release Service PR United

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 29, 2013

Ajax Union, an SEO company based in Brooklyn, NY, is now featuring new services available through an associated press release site PR United. PR United customers receive custom press releases designed to draw attention to the business and maximize online presence through SEO, or search engine optimization. The staff writing for PR United specializes in tailoring descriptions of featured products and services to the demands of online customers as well as to the requirements of the most-used search engines: Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Available online at, public relations marketing through PR United creates positive buzz to surround a companys message and increase both traffic and rankings. PR United employs a team of professional writers and creates each press release in-house. A streamlined editorial process then focuses the release to meet the clients needs. Customers work directly with the writers and editors to build a press release that address specific and deadline-oriented business goals.

Ajax Unions social media and SEO services have helped many businesses gain more exposure and secure more conversions online. Now, PR United offers the same results to customers who want to inspire more interest and reach a wider audience across the board. The newly updated PR United offers clients a wealth of options they can use to create a comprehensive, personalized plan for PR marketing. Each release is crafted with the clients specific needs in mind, and to optimize the amount of exposure gained from each distribution online, said Ajax Unions PR Manager Leslie Beddingfield.

Once the release is complete and approved, PR United distributes it to a roster of PR networks optimized for speed, reach, and multimedia potential. PR marketing is well-suited for a variety of corporate projects, such as branding, promotions, announcements, or showcasing mission statements and customer testimonials. The internet marketing companys press releases are also an effective method of pushing down any negative press or irrelevant content appearing in online search queries.

In addition to its PR United services, Ajax Union offers many small business internet marketing programs. Available on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contract necessary, these programs include video and email marketing, social media management, and content creation. Ajax Union hosts webinars and seminars to share knowledge about social media and SEO techniques.

For more information, visit the boutique marketing company online or call 1-800-594-0444. Ajax Union also posts daily updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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