SEO Company Announces New 6 Month SEO Plans

Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 23, 2014

Pompano Beach based Internet marketing company Creative Writing and SEO has announced their new 6 month SEO plans effective October 1, 2014.

Designed to assist companies in taking control of their online image, Creative Writing and SEOs new 6 month SEO plans include reputation management, which has largely been marketed by many as a separate service. The agency is encouraging their clients to take an offensive role with their online reputation management before it becomes an issue.

There are websites today that are making a fortune by posting information to damage a companys reputation and charging that company to take it down. If you give in to these people, they will do it again and again. Our agency encourages building a fortress within your SEO work, which prevents the damaging information from showing up in the first several pages of a search engine, explains Stephanie Martin, the CEO of Creative Writing and SEO.

With their new SEO plans, the company intends to encourage businesses to take a pro-active role in their reputation management so they wont be a target for individuals trying to damage them. The idea is to take control of the first several pages of a search engine when certain keywords related to the business are typed in. This will prevent individuals from making a negative post and that post being the first thing to appear when the company is sought out.

Other efforts include educating the businesses on creating new content that is considered relevant and interesting by the public. This will create a buzz and users will share the positive content and assist in burying the negative, inaccurate content.

At Creative Writing and SEO, we believe first impressions are priceless. We constantly stay on top of new developments in the SEO world in order to assist our clients in presenting themselves in the best possible light. Its part of what makes us stand apart from the rest by providing top-notch SEO services that are always in our clients best interest, further states Ms. Martin.

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Creative Writing and SEO is an Internet marketing company based in South Florida that specializes in reputation management. Their writing team excels in unique and interesting website, blog, and social media content. Creative Writing and SEOs cutting edge approach to online marketing changed the way companies are approaching their reputation management.

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